A raft of prominent people seems to want the masses to believe there is no hope of energy independence.  Of late the Saudi’s Prince Turki Al Faisal checked in to the offer that the Western World and Saudi Arabia are inevitably tied together in the oil market.  The comments follow those such as former CIA […]

Here really bright people get noticed. Especially those that demonstrate they have some sense, you know like common sense. Dr. James Sweeney at Stanford comes to mind. Now we’ll add Professor Richard A. Muller at UC Berkeley. I haven’t met him as I have Sweeney, but Kerry Dolan wrote about Professor Muller in Forbes Magazine […]

The Efficiency Problem

February 11, 2009 | 1 Comment

It isn’t easy to get the mass of people to move to efficiency. Big consumption equals a bigger ego, a perception of higher status and raw emotional gratification. It could be connected to the sin of pride or some such, but the other side has attractions too. Getting efficiency has a more reasoned gratification; a […]

The Edison Electric Institute, a creature of the utility industry, has a paper out that outlines what they believe are the technologies that would be most beneficial to “reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” Its also an outline of where they think investment must go to reduce fossil fuel use and keep the grid running at proper […]

Emails range from spam to how to get more information on topics to asking for solutions – the economy being the current leader. I’m flattered. The solutions for an economic recovery lie in the opportunities that solving current problems create. We have two obvious economic sectors in need of new innovations, credit and powering the […]

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