2014 has been a good year for the fusion community. For those of us watching LPPFusion, that was named Lawrenceville Plasma Physics or known as Focus Fusion, they made an announcement yesterday that deserves notice.

LPPFusion is preparing for a further stage of their experiment, when they switch from using deuterium as a fuel to the final aneutronic fuel, hydrogen-boron or pB11.

We may well see in 2015 whether or not the theory of feeding a fusion reaction with pB11 will actually throw off the electrons for feeding straight into electrical power. While it seems a sure thing, it has yet to be demonstrated. If LPPFusion does it, it will be a milestone in mankind’s technological history.

LPPFusion isn’t alone in seeking to fuel fusion with pB11. They look like the closest to a true working experiment. Should they or anyone else get it done there should be a new rush to research fusion outside of the gigantic and hugely expensive ITER project.

Meanwhile fusion both hot and cold has had a good year. There have been many news items of note all of which pointing to a fusion role in energy production getting closer.

This Christmas is indeed merry. For the current accounts of consumers the price of oil has finally cracked, worldwide mind you, thanks to American oilmen’s ingenuity. Some of the world’s nastiest actors are in financial trouble as well from a low oil price. Of course it won’t last, but for this holiday we all a have a little more cash for generosity for our loved ones and our communities.

Christmas is about the birth of a prophet who explained in a way that looking to the future could be a positive thing. Its a message that has permeated most all of humanity and produced two thousand years of progress. There is no end in sight.

If you choose today to look back from today and see the progress of humanity and then turn to see what the future might hold, Christmas day is a very merry holiday indeed.


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