The 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) is being held in Korea’s Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon this week from August 12th through August 17th.

The news is starting to come out now.  With more than 150 scientists from around the world participating in the conference by making oral and poster presentations, discussions on several theories on cold fusion that are under development makes for a busy schedule.

For news and information value the leader is the real-time demonstration of a working cell developed by Professor Francesco Celani from Italy, which was introduced last week at the National Instruments Conference in Austin, Texas.

The Texas meeting, with about 5,000 people attending set up the ICCF-17 to be an important conference. Large companies are beginning to take notice of the recent results on cold fusion.  National Instruments arranged to air-ship the Celani cell to Korea, and they are providing technical support for the demonstration during ICCF-17.

Tyler van Houwelingen is at ICCF-17 to present in the area of commercialization and worldwide impacts before a panel discussion and is posting his views at

Mr.van Houwelingen said, “After seeing the DGT (Defkalion) presentation, (Link to a MSWord docx file) speaking with them and speaking with people who have been onsite to see the hyperion in Greece, my take is that they are farther away from having a commercial ready device than we had hoped. Based on what people are telling me here with first hand knowledge, as recently as 3 weeks ago they were still unable to obtain stable demos of their technology (problems with the spark plugs failing), thus I suspect no chance of any 3rd party results soon as we had hoped and they had promised. They stated something along these lines yesterday, saying now they will release 3rd party results only after receiving certification. That said, DGT does appear to be pretty sound both with the science and engineering, however I believe they will need more resources and a bit of luck to get this to market in the next 6-12 months.

Jed Rothwell is also in Korea for his presentation on Friday morning and is observing and collecting data.  Jed is logging his notes at  The link here will connect to the thread that might need worked to get to the dates of the conference August 12 to 17.  Mr. Rothwell is quite sharp, knows most everyone of significance and runs the site where over the coming days and weeks much of what is available will get posted.  For those serious about the field the site is a first and repeat site where the facts as known can be perused and the theories and their history can be researched.

Also posting at the mail-archive site are many others.  It’s a running set of conversations well worth a look, but there is so much information it will take quite awhile to take it all in.

On the commercial front van Houwelingen also notes that Brillouin is at the conference too.  It seems Dr. Francis Tanzella from SRI will be presenting for Brillouin Energy at ICCF-17.

The interesting Andrea Rossi effort it seems isn’t represented at the conference, which is no surprise.  Some people that know him and have quality views of his progress are there though, and van Houwelingen said, “there are lots of mixed messages about him. Some things people with first hand knowledge are telling me make me more confident, some things less.”  That simply keeps us just where we’ve been for months about Mr. Rossi.

The best thing is – the conference is growing.  Now in its 17th session the progress from the repeatable experimental facts are gaining substantial ground.  As more people realize the facts will have to lead the theory in terms of the reality the oncoming progress to commercial energy production is looking more likely.  The naysayers might have us all think that conventional physics preclude any of the LENR or cold fusion facts.  But trying to apply theories and “laws” that simply do not apply or work in reality for justifying a conclusion is too close to the mental state of ‘beliefs’ instead of research into the wonders of the universe.

Gradually the perception of these phenomena is changing for the better, the mystery is slipping away and eventually a way or ways to explain what’s going on can be completed setting out an engineering framework for intense progress.

It’s going to be a furious year before the next ICCF.


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  1. Benjamin Cole on August 17, 2012 2:29 AM

    18 months ago you blogged that cold fusion was close to commercialization. Now we are told Rossi is a no-show and that Greeks are out in left field. Is there ever an end to this nonsense?

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