Here’s the at home test, push a plastic cup that’s upside down into water.  Gravity working on the mass of the displaced water is trying to push the cup back up, that’s buoyancy.  Simple enough, and there is a wealth of places to do this, wells, ponds, lakes, standpipes, water heaters, anywhere that gravity can pull the water’s mass back to the center of the earth.  The energy can be available anywhere.  But.

It’s the cycling of the displaced water by the cup that bedevils the gathering of net energy.  It takes energy to push the cup down to start with.

Wayne Travis of Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA, is using a new understanding of the age-old concept of buoyancy to run a hydraulic motor, leading to a generator, and, ultimately, a net result of ‘overunity’ energy.  There’s the skeptic’s trigger, ‘overunity’.

HydroEnergy Revolution Image. Very Cool.

But again, hold on.

Mr. Travis had a “eureka moment” that came to him in a hot tub, using two red plastic Solo Cups.  Travis realized when thinking about diving bells that buoyancy was not controlled by volume (of the cup), but rather by pressure differentials and surface areas.  Travis is well along in the process of proving his concept by running a hydraulic motor from the changing displacements of water under the effect in separate chambers.

Two water vessels give an engineer a shot at cycling the displaced volume.

Another “but’ is the intellectual property has patentable characteristics.  So far the provisional patent pending is underway and the patent application filed in November of 2011 and a new patent pending number has been granted.  The concept hasn’t been blown off by the patent office from the start.  As the intellectual property is still pending, the explanations about how things work are understandably – very vague.

Then add Sterling Allen who runs the Pure Energy Systems website whose friend Mark Anthony Dansie, a debunker and professional skeptic are surprised with what been seen so far.  Dansie will even act as an adviser to the project. If it checks out in being able to self-run for at least two days straight, Dansie predicts: “It could replace solar and wind as the primary renewable energy source for the planet. The next challenge will be to increase the output to make the device commercially viable.”  Now your humble writer’s attention is focused.

Travis must also be quite a personality.  The community of Chickasha has thrown in with Travis with nearly a hundred people helping out with everything from construction to bringing over cookies and the local Boy Scout troupe (Chickasha Troup #4319) won a local contest to name the machine, calling it the “Zydro Energy Device”.

Travis is exploiting the hydraulic effect of gravity on fluids.  The video above by Tom Miller does a good job of explaining yet the answer to a cycling for making continuous power isn’t there.

Nevertheless, Travis may be on to something.  However the cycling of mass is accomplished, most likely manipulating the displacing air that enables the buoyancy rather than the mass of the water, the results will be intensely interesting.

Time will pass and Mr. Travis’ work will progress or simply disappear.  Somehow though, there is more here than common sense would easily allow – intuition suggests an eye best be kept on this and see where it goes.


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  1. BFast on May 30, 2012 1:15 PM

    Um, does this not explain everything in the video?

    Air, unlike water, is easily compressible. If you put air into a syringe, and push on the syringe it pushes back. So, could it be that the cup in the video with a small amount of air in it is seeing that air compress sufficiently to provide the counter-force for the bean bag?

    You guys, the laws of thermodynamics are not easily overcome. They may not apply in the quantum world, I don’t know. But in the world of aquariums and glasses of water, the laws apply — every time!

    LENR is clearly a phenomenon (though no single explanation has proven itself out.) But that doesn’t mean that we won’t see a million free energy solutions that all seem to, but don’t, work. LENR is not free energy anyway, it is most surely atomic energy of some sort.

    When this guy gets an actual motor working, can demonstrate it, and can let real scientists poke their noses in and through it without finding an alternative energy source — then its news. Not before.

  2. g on May 30, 2012 8:01 PM

    the video is ridiculous.
    the buoyancy from both cups is less than the weight.
    What is he supposedly proving?

  3. Craig Binns on May 31, 2012 8:02 AM

    “age-old concept of buoyancy to run a hydraulic motor, leading to a generator, and, ultimately, a net result of ‘overunity’ energy.  There’s the skeptic’s trigger, ‘overunity’.” Yep. Overunity perpetual motion machines trigger off all our pathologies. I can’t explain it. It’s like some sort of allergic reaction.

  4. Dave on June 1, 2012 3:02 PM

    On the left side, you have buoyancy. The force due to water pressure acting down on the cup plus the weight of the cup & air is, in total, very slightly more than the force due water pressure acting up on the bottom of the air in the cup, so it just about stays on the bottom. The force excerted by the air pressure in the cup is the same up (against the water) as down (against the water) so it has no resultant effect on the cup in relation to the water.

    On the right, you don’t have much boyancy. You get the same pressure build up of the air in the cup, which is the due to the water pressure at that depth. Everything else is the same, except this time the air pressure acts up (against the water), but down MOSTLY AGAINST THE CONCRETE BLOCK WHICH IS RESTING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK so the resultant force on the cup excerted due to the air pressure is up now, and much greater. It’s not floating, its being supported by the bottom of the tank.

    I suggest submerging a weighing scale or a force gauge under the concrete resting on the tank floor. Zero it then start the experiment. You will see close to 1.9lb of additional weight once you;ve added the diving weight.

    The real trick here is that he keeps saying ‘lift’ to confuse you. There is no possibility of lift on the right because the cup could never move away from the bottom of the tank on its own.

  5. Wayne S Travis on September 6, 2020 8:40 AM

    Just an Update – As the inventor of this technology – We finished developing the technology and Technic to take advantage of unequal work to intelligently cause work generation.

    It turns out that OVER Unity is a term limited to conversion and consumption physics – work differential to cause energy generation was simply unexplored – that is why we were so excited by the Travis effect.

    Even with the FBI Slander – we have succeeded in creating sustainable work generation!

    Wayne Travis

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