Andrea Rossi, the inventor and organizer of the E-Cat LENR or cold Fusion thermal energy production device has a new problem.  It looks like another tempest of vague grounds.

Steven Krivit, the sometimes to some folks notorious writer of heavily biased opinion on cold fusion and once in a while other energy fields broke out a story over the weekend about an allegation that the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control (FBR), called on Andrea Rossi at his Miami address.

The story has been picked up by others that this time won’t be mentioned or linked out of kindness.  Things in just hours have gotten very emotional on some sites.  The email deluge coming in here is driving this post and postponing perhaps more valid news.

The gist of the mess centers on a complaint that was supposedly filed with the FBR by a party from Las Vegas, Nevada, alleging that Mr. Rossi may be building nuclear reactors in a Miami condominium complex.

Then it seems a FBR inspector had an onsite visit with Mr. Rossi.  The report is essentially empty other than the description of the investigation that only tells what is pretty much already known – the active chemistry is nickel and hydrogen, there’s excess heat and excess energy in thermal form at a 6X rate.  Somehow, the Krivit crowd has highlighted the investigator saying of Rossi, “He acknowledged that no nuclear reactions occur during the process . . .”  The question for which Mr. Rossi is acknowledging isn’t mentioned.  And the report notes, “Currently all production, distribution and use of these devices is overseas.”

For Krivit’s part in all this there is a pdf file that contains a set of emails alleged to have exchanged between Gary Wright of Las Vegas and persons at the FBR running some 5 pages, followed by 15 pages of ill-informed biased statements, a barrage of selected comments from assorted sources making for quite a contradictory record, a NyTeknik article about Rossi linking to Ampenergo from back in May of last year, Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation filing in Florida, a smattering of emails about Wright having Mr. Rossi’s addresses and phone numbers, and Finally the report by the inspector.

Krivit’s pdf is at best –tedious, obviously unbalanced and suspect in completeness.

A little due diligence might be worthwhile in looking the matter over.  Who is this Wright fellow?  Anonymous, which is fine and understandable, still a provocateur that seems quite closely connected to Krivit who has a very quick connection to documents and a highlighter as well.   Krivit in his turn has bias to keep filled, a position to sell, a web site to promote – all good motives.  The FBR took what looks a lot like a set-up and wasted their own and the Florida taxpayer’s time and money.  Everyone else is just playing out the emotions.

The hard reality is no one can conclusively show that Rossi’s device, other LENR, Cold Fusion of other terms describing the phenomena are factually nuclear reactions in the conventional sense.

One also needs to temper how one follows Mr. Rossi.  Factually Rossi seems alone and is going into the public arena alone.  No spokesperson, PR department, just Mr. Rossi who is piling up misstatements about as fast or faster than a guy in his position would.   Regular readers here will note, quoting Mr. Rossi just isn’t done.  It’s not that he’s good or bad, he is and can only be the most subjective observer possible. It’s not that he’s truthful or not, he’s an English as a second language person, and he’s not much for distinguishing the present past or future tense. Reading him leaves one bewildered, is he talking what was, what is or the future plans?

With the information at hand, the observation of the events, no certainty of credence of the activities – the shenanigans this time don’t come from Mr. Rossi.

So here’s what you humble writer is thinking:  This isn’t a story about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. It’s a story about Gary Wright, Steven Krivit, a bunch of follow along bloggers and readers.  There isn’t any E-Cat news.

No more emails – Please.  Comment as you like, but there isn’t any E-Cat story, it might be a post about yellow journalism, though. Time will tell. Stay calm, wait for the Underwriters Lab.


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  1. dragon on March 12, 2012 11:24 AM

    Are you for real?
    This IS a story about E-Cat. It’s a story about first confirmation from a Governmental Body regarding reality vs Rossi statements. And it looks very bad for Rossi through his own statements given to the FBR inspector.
    Anybody can see that this is very important E-Cat story.

  2. BFast on March 12, 2012 11:38 AM

    Thanks for a great perspective on this story. There is a similar perspective here:

    However, you did a great job of reminding us that the source of this information, Krivit, is strongly biased.

    Love it.

  3. psi on March 12, 2012 12:02 PM

    “The hard reality is no one can conclusively show that Rossi’s device, other LENR, Cold Fusion of other terms describing the phenomena are factually nuclear reactions in the conventional sense.”

    Well said.

    “This isn’t a story about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat. It’s a story about Gary Wright, Steven Krivit, a bunch of follow along bloggers and readers.”

    I agree only in part. The real significance of the story may be that the FBR has officially indicated that the e-cat is not, at least in its present estimation, nuclear in nature (and this is probably true given the conventional definitions of nuclear, which perforce cannot include a process not previously known to exist and producing such faint and harmless traces of nuclear reaction as have been documented in the lab). This would seem to be a positive signal for Rossi’s ability to pursue plans to manufacture the devices in Florida. From that point of view, it could be said that the attempt to sandbag Rossi (if that’s what it was, and it certainly does quack like one) backfired.

  4. Ivy Matt on March 12, 2012 12:38 PM

    “Who is this Wright fellow? Anonymous, which is fine and understandable….”


  5. Jerry Taylor on March 12, 2012 10:40 PM

    Good article and since neither Rossi or Defkalion are exposing their hands until they are ready, your advice to stay calm and give them some time is well taken. This could be the game changer for the world and they know it. The powers that now control all our energy know it too and will not go down easily…

  6. Craig Binns on March 12, 2012 11:39 PM


    Secret powers are conspiring against Rossi, so regardless of any evidence we’ve to let him and Defkalion (denounced by Rossi as thieves and liars, and by Rossi’s associate Stremmenos as liars and megalomaniacs) an unlimited period of time to string us along.

    That makes sense to you? No wonder scammers and swindlers make a good living out of the inexhaustible reserves of human credulity.

    By the way, the article above is quite disgraceful. An “anonymous” person called Wright is among the least of its absurdities.

  7. newer on March 13, 2012 10:30 AM

    a “Wright” is as anonymous as a “Craig Binns”.
    If you think that an email address is enough to identify a person, you are wrong.
    If you ask authority’s help, you have to put your face (address and phone number as well).

  8. Joe Robson on March 13, 2012 12:05 PM

    I think the author of this article is correct. My impressions are that Sieve Krivit, who’s just a journalist not an engineer or scientist is now blowing smoke everywhere he can because that’s all he has left to try and destroy Rossi, Focardi, DoE, his own reputation and anybody else’s reputations he can grab at instead of just looking in his own mirror and sticking his tongue out to see if it fogs up the glass in his own life.

  9. Craig Binns on March 13, 2012 12:08 PM

    The Florida authority didn’t object on those grounds. Anonymous means without name. They had a name, and hey dint seek a location. If Wright had done anything requiring investigation of his person, he would have been found soon enough.

    Do you intend to refer to Rossi’s response to the inspector, which contradicts much o what he has been telling the public for months, about factories and nuclear reactions and finding copper isotopes in the e-cat and stuff – or is it to be “shoot the messenger”?

  10. John Milstone on March 13, 2012 2:16 PM

    This was enough to convince Sterling Allan, Rossi’s long-time #1 supporter, that Rossi was lying too much to trust any longer.

    That’s certainly worth mentioning.

  11. Joseph S on March 13, 2012 7:15 PM

    It seems that Mr. Krivit either has much too much time on his hands, or is being paid handsomely to use deceptive tactics and distortions of the facts, with the sole objective of harming Mr. Rossi. A review of his releases clearly shows the enormous amount of time that was required simply to gather what he calls evidence. If he didn’t spend those many hours doing it himself, then who paid for all the man hours that were required to achieve such an “impressive” task? Why has he devoted himself so vehemently in this personal vendetta against Mr. Rossi? What is his motive?

    Many times, in reading his reports, I have been so angered by his obvious misrepresentations, that I have been tempted to write, simply to counter his distortions and misrepresentations. Having never done so before, because my time is too valuable to be spent trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone whose character is, let me say, difficult to understand, today my patience has been stretched beyond my control.

    Mr. Krivit claims to be an expert in the field of Cold Fusion. Perhaps having been exposed to the field for the time he has, perhaps that has made him an expert. I would ask the expert then how many tests equivalent to Mr. Rossi’s test of October 28, 2011 has he personally conducted? Does he have any idea of what goes through the mind of someone putting together the complex puzzle that faced Mr. Rossi at that moment? Has he ever experienced the need to correct the inevitable breakdowns that occur when under extreme stress without degrading the important aspects of any test?

    If Mr. Krivit is really an expert, he has chosen to hide his expertise by his senseless innuendoes and by his transparent and degrading reporting. Again I ask Mr.Krivit. What is your motive? Is it to prove that Cold Fusion is not feasible? There are now many scientists with much greater expertise than you can possible claim, who say that it seems to work. Are you claiming that Mr. Rossi has not always told the truth? I heartily congratulate Mr. Rossi for his expertise in keeping the competition off balance. Are you claiming that he is defrauding someone? Prove it, or shut the Hell up! Mr. Krivit, I ask once more, just exactly what is your motive? What do you have to gain? Frankly, I’m tired of reading your trash!

  12. Jasper Nichols on March 15, 2012 4:04 PM

    Dr Michael McKubre, an electro-chemist at SRI and leading researcher in the LENR field, had this to say about Rossi…

    “Well, first of all, Rossi is the master of misdirection. I think he’s brilliant, actually, and I just hope he has something, because if he has something his strategy is truly brilliant. And by keeping it ambiguous, by keeping it never certain, he avoids competition – people don’t want to get in because they’re not sure – and he avoids the evil eye of the Department of Energy. He’s got a nuclear process, he’s going to bring it to the United States, he’s going to make a megawatt by a nuclear effect. The only way he can possibly get away with that is if DoE doesn’t believe it’s true. We’ve made tritium here on this campus. I’ll tell you a sin that we’ve committed… we have made tritium here on this campus. You may not make tritium without a DoE licence. We have made it. We have published it. The DoE hasn’t come knocking on my door, because they don’t believe it.”

    From part 8 of an 8-part lecture.

  13. Craig Binns on March 15, 2012 7:39 PM

    Joseph S

    You accuse Steve Krivit of “senseless innuendoes”, immediately after writing this: “It seems that Mr. Krivit either has much too much time on his hands, or is being paid handsomely to use deceptive tactics and distortions of the facts, with the sole objective of harming Mr. Rossi.” Can you not see the absurdity of this? Your own charges against Krivit are pure innuendo.

    In fact, it is clear that Krivit believes Rossi is entirely dishonest, and his motive is indignation at Rossi’s interminable deception both of the competition, and even of his own infatuated supporters. I share these motives and beliefs, and am not being paid by anybody.

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