Brian Wang put up two posts today [(1) + (2)] that link to what should seen as seminal events in the basic view of LENR (low energy nuclear reactions). Time passing as more hard credence evolves into research and the results, will show us which of the various physics are the activities of nature in LENR. The progress cannot come fast enough.

Piantelli's LENR Experiment Apparatus. Click image for the largest view.

As the technology sits today The Rossi E-Cat is in production facility exploration. Blacklight is making presales, The Australian hint of a technology is said to be nearing a prototype. Many others are closing in on solidifying their ideas into consistency and reliable energy release. It’s a seminal period that looks to be far past the notion LENR is mental magic.

Mr. Wang’s first post offers us the slides that Brian Ahern would have used if he had been able to do his presentation at Citi5. Running 16 pages the slides offer a set of clues on what would have been a marvelous overview on Ahern’s understanding of the physics. While incomplete as a lesson, a text or audio would be appreciated with gratitude. But it’s a gift for now and seed for thought.

The second post noted above links to a report and slides from a NASA LENR workshop held in Cleveland. The striking comments center on Dennis Bushnell the chief scientist at NASA Langley. Then as one goes through the page written by the heavily biased Steven Krivit, a laundry list of troubles from unidentified sources involving the NASA review with Rossi are presented.

But the Krivit page links to the presentation slides of Bushnell, NASA scientists Michael Nelson and Joseph Zawodny.

Wow. The Zawodny slides are a short review of the technology, an organizational chart and a short list of the engineering needed to take LENR one more step closer. The prime notation might be slide 30, pointing up the need to engineer both the composition and structure of reactor materials.

Zawodny also offers us an informative slide worthy of long term and widespread dissemination. Simply put, chemical energy release compared to fission nuclear = 1:1,900,000 ; fusion nuclear = 1:7,300,000 ; LENR = 1:8,000,000. This clears up why the non-mainstream physicists and the followers are so tenacious on staying with the technology until it become useful. Thank you Mr. Zawodny.

Michael Nelson has a very different perspective. The Nelson slide set covers his take of the late news about Rossi’s E-Cat, discloses, without naming the NASA personnel meeting with Rossi back in July, and what one presumes to be allowed, in a very likely nondisclosure agreement, public information. It clears up a lot of supposition and Nelson includes better graphics than seen anywhere else with solid credibility.

Nelson spends some pages considering the premise – is the phenomena cold fusion or LENR. While the consideration of the titling is entertaining, it’s nothing more than a waste of time, energy and emotions that should embarrass everyone involved. Yet Nelson offers a succinct and practical view of Rossi and the E-Cat, offering a conclusion that Rossi merits watching and attention.

Nelson also offers us the best tight overview of the Piantelli research that Rossi seems to have used as his preamble for his development. With superb graphics and explanations and a history to lead off, the segment sets up a comparison between where Piantelli’s work is and where Rossi takes the technology. At page 34 the variances known to date are listed.

Finishing up Nelson explains quite briefly why LENR can be so very important and sets out a sensible set of steps that NASA could adopt to integrate the technology into future plans. The slide set ends with web links and a synopsis of LENR history.

Bushnell takes a fully responsible view, which one expects from a chief scientist, and gets straight to the ‘State of the Art’. His view with 20 years of accumulating data, Rossi nearing a breakout to commercial, his man Zawodny working to zero in on theory to optimize engineering bring discipline to the science. Bushnell comes to the point that experimentation is needed to promote creative thinking. This technology is at its beginning and needs optimization at the most basic level.

Without saying so, Bushnell reveals NASA has looked into the numbers. LENR offers some astonishing potential. While most folks are bedeviled by the cold fusion, LENR titling, where to look for theory or lay credit for progress and discovery and the rest of the human psychological needs and the opponents throwing disinformation, Bushnell comes straight to the point – LENR offers a massive shift in power to weight ratios for energized work.

The power to weight ratio comes from the huge reduction in the fuel weight and the power plant. As Zawodny and Nelson point out too, the applications can run from agriculture up to space exploration. Such massive reductions offer calculations where fuel is a negligible portion of weight and cost – something opposite from the situation today.

Bushnell offers several pages of comments. While the emotions are busily steaming on many fronts, Bushnell says right on point, “The two decades of experiments and the weak interaction theories have removed the existential risk, what is remaining is to engineer for improved performance.”

The NASA men make a seminal point. LENR (or cold fusion, if one isn’t too specific on linking the phenomena to word definitions) works. LENR is a massive improvement that deserves our intense attention, the best creativity, intuition and insight we can muster.

So far a determined group has taken an over 90 year old phenomena to the breakout point. Instead of exploiting our intellect and making the science become fruitful, most people are soaked in emotion and childish conduct while one of history’s great technologies languishes. It’s a humiliating embarrassment.

For now we’re being pulled along by a revolt of independent thought, research and now a commercial attempt. The technological mountain is unassailably there; its time to climb, mine and develop.

Rossi deserves a note. Observation is telling us Mr. Rossi has innovated Piantelli’s work with a Thomas Edison like will and found a shortcut with a catalyst to get things going, his place in history is assured. Whether he can keep his lead as others find the theories to guide engineering is yet to be seen, but for now if even just one sale is running excess power- the rush will be on.

We will see a major change in viewing energy for personal use. Fusion from Lerner or Bussard or others, fission in smaller lower cost reactors, and there is still is huge supply of fossil sources to use and technologies coming to supplant and replace it are coming. If governments can wake up or populations bear upon them we could see a race to the lowest possible cost for energy and another long term boom in human social and economic development reaching to everyone for the first time.


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  1. BFast on December 9, 2011 11:30 AM

    Thanks for the great article. I love the rich supply of links. While NewEnergyAndFuel certainly has a mandate to discuss all of the energy improvements coming out of various labs, I really hop that you don’t loose sight of this, the most exciting one. I believe that LENR is going to make most of what New Energy posts obsolete in a very few years.

  2. GreenWin on December 9, 2011 2:04 PM

    Echo the above comment. A cogent, thoughtful article on the current state of the fastest moving technology on planet Earth. The speed with which these LENR products and processes will be developed (given opportunity) will make consumer electronics look pokey.

    We need more reporting like yours as clearly the old “mainstream press” has elected to oppose energy abundance and independence; in spite of the highly qualified experts touting it. Why does NASA remain mute? What happened to the AP report on Rossi’s Oct 28 success??

    Along with the transition to abundant nuclear energy, we will be transitioning to a new network of news and press outlets. All who refuse to report on LENR target themselves for extinction. Those carrying the LENR torch will become the sources of choice for billions of readers interested in truth and independent thought. Congratulations!

  3. Jerry Taylor on December 10, 2011 2:00 PM

    I agree with the others here that this is a fine report (with excellent links) of the present state of the LENR (aka Cold Fusion) situation. I also agree with GreenWin concerning the sad state of our media – without the internet, with these blogs and communications, the world would know nothing about the major LENR advances now occurring.

    Also, a couple of major USA politicians have looked at the current LENAR advances and are now, although very softly, acknowledging that there may be something here worth exploring. Those that do so will likely be the winning leaders of our society.

  4. Benjamin Cole on December 11, 2011 5:13 PM

    I remain deeply dubious about processes which are kept secret.

    If these processes work, and would be of such incredible value to man, why not publicize them openly and transparently so that even more rapid dissemination and improvement can take place?

    Can greed be so powerful? Or, far more likely, is this just the latest fraud-wagon to gang-rape gullible investors?

  5. Jerry Taylor on December 11, 2011 5:57 PM


    If it is a fraud, then some of the smartest scientists in our society have been duped. Pretty damn good fraud-ing if that turns out to be the case which I suspect it will not.

    Have you opened and read some of the NASA links provided in this article? Have you looked into the entire history of LENR (aka Cold Fusion)? The preponderance of evidence falls heavily in favor of a potential new technology that must be further explored.

    Go ahead and remain dubious – your choice – time will tell all fairly shortly, I believe…

  6. NASA seriously believes in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) at Nebraska Engineer on December 12, 2011 8:55 PM

    […] summary is given here also as well as […]

  7. Craig Binns on December 13, 2011 12:01 PM


    “time will tell all fairly shortly, I believe…”

    No it won’t. We’ve been waiting and waiting, and all we’ve got have been scams and delusions.

    Until unambiguous evidence is provided, believe nothing. It’s for the fusionists to prove; we don’t have to disprove anything, or wait another minute.

  8. Benjamin Cole on December 13, 2011 10:01 PM

    Jerry, did you read this? It is nearly a farce! The Three Stooges Invent New Energy Source.

    “Bushnell failed to mention that NASA had already made attempts to perform due diligence on the Rossi device. Some of the people involved in those attempts were in attendance at this workshop.

    In the timeline shown in Nelson’s slides, Nelson omitted the Sept. 5 and 6, 2011 Rossi device tests performed in Bologna for engineers representing Quantum Energy Technologies. NASA representatives were present both days.

    One of the eye-witnesses, a former NASA staff member, saw problems from the moment they arrived there.

    “Rossi changed the game totally.” the witness said. “From the test plan, the device, everything. There was nothing there that we had agreed on. He had a 30 liter reservoir in there and he wouldn’t even let us see what was in the box or weigh the box.”

    The Sept. 5 demonstration was inconclusive; Rossi’s device sprang a leak. The Sept. 6 demonstration was inconclusive; there was no outflow of steam or water.

    On the second day, when the former NASA staff member asked Rossi if his device had an internal reservoir, Rossi became enraged. Quantum’s engineers left but NASA engineers offered to come back in a few days to give Rossi time to fix the flow. Rossi declined their offer. He said he was “too busy.” ”

    This is comic-book stuff. I sneer at Rossi.

  9. Jerry Taylor on December 13, 2011 11:58 PM

    BC, why would you sneer at Rossi at this juncture? He has caused you no harm. The jury is still out on all this so why condemn him before the jury comes in? Have a little patience and we will all see one way or the other soon, I believe…

  10. More on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions | Earth's Energy on December 14, 2011 6:39 AM

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  11. Craig Binns on December 14, 2011 11:18 AM


    When is the jury due to “come in”? How much longer do we have to wait before we finally accept we’ve been stood up?

  12. Benjamin Cole on December 14, 2011 9:23 PM

    Jerry-I sneer at Rossi at this juncture as he obviously stonewalled NASA scientists trying to do a review of his “project.”

    I sneer at anyone who claims to have made a great discovery, only cannot transparently reveal that discovery to the world–month after month after month.

    Even the University of Baloney is distancing themselves rom Rossi. What does that tell you?

    Really, this is comic-book level deception….

  13. Jerry Taylor on December 14, 2011 10:44 PM

    Craig & Benjamin,

    There are others besides Rossi onto this LENR technology. Defkalion in Greece had this to say yesterday on their blog.

    Please allowed us to maintain certain info, such as the precise dates when Hyperions will enter the markets, as “not to be disclosed” through this forum commercial information .
    In any case, there are several press releases in the Greek Press from our company stating that Hyperions will enter the Greek market first within 2012.
    As for the “over-sea markets”, our technology and know how transfer programs to our industrial partners have been scheduled to start by Q1/Q2 of 2012.
    Thank you

    See for yourselves at:

  14. Craig Binns on December 15, 2011 8:21 AM


    Defkalion also looks like a scam. This outfit started off as Rossi’s proposed manufacturers, but there has been a fallout. Defkalion’s recent announcement of its Hyperion device was a disappointment to even cold fusionists like Brucefast at the Nickelpower site, who was (very optimistically) expecting to see a working model, or some other unambiguous evidence of results. None was produced.

    After months of promises, delay, obfuscation and contradiction, we are left with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  15. Benjamin Cole on December 15, 2011 4:10 PM


    In every field that can attract investment, there are frauds. There are real estate frauds, there are medical industry frauds, there are energy industry frauds.

    The very fact that you are so eager for LENR to work, and so gullible, is the very reason that fraudsters exist. Right now someone is giving money to these con-artists.

    Think about it: If your had a wonderful new invention able to produce power cheaply, would you not want a transparent and clear demonstration to take place ASAP, so that the world could benefit and you could become a billionaire?

  16. ZviBenYosef on December 15, 2011 4:20 PM

    Craig & Benjamin,
    There is a difference between skepticism and prejudice. I mean prejudgement before there is clear evidence to the contrary. I am an open minded skeptic. I have read enough about the subject to understand that anomalous heat production has been replicated by several credentialed scientists and confirmed as real.
    However those experiments released only modest amounts of heat,insufficient for practical purposes. So the only question in my mind is whether Rossi has really discovered a catalyst which magnifies the effect to the point where it has practical applications. It appears we are quite close to finding this out. Rossi is selling them to real customers. One of these customers will eventually come forward to confirm or deny the validity of the ecat.

  17. Jerry Taylor on December 15, 2011 5:36 PM


    I have been in the R&D business for 30 years as laboratory director and consultant. I will not stoop to your low level nor tolerate verbal attacks from the likes of you in this scientific forum – Goodbye!

  18. Jerry Taylor on December 15, 2011 10:51 PM

    Craig & Benjamin:

    One final word here If you would care to enlighten yourselves here is a good starting point:

  19. Craig Binns on December 16, 2011 2:56 PM


    “Rossi is selling them to real customers. One of these customers will eventually come forward to confirm or deny the validity of the ecat.” you say, but that is not my view. I think he is a swindler, that he has built no working devices, that he has no customers, and that all his statements are wilful and premeditated lies.

  20. Benjamin Cole on December 19, 2011 3:00 PM


    I went to the youtube post. It featured a speech made more than one year ago—and still, still, still we have nothing but the gossamer of fantasies.

    Sheesh, if I had a magic energy machine, I would want clear and fair testing done ASAP, transparently to the world.

    Why would someone act like a con, if they were not a con?

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