Brian Wang at notes that Armando de Para posted on  “Rossi ha accettato di effettuare delle prove presso i laboratori NASA, cominciano dopodomani, il 3 settembre”.  Which translates in English to, “Rossi has agreed to carry out tests at the laboratories of NASA, beginning tomorrow, September 3.”  Mr Wang credits Giuliano Bettini at the Facebook page Cold Fusion “Andrea Rossi” Method for finding the news.

Meanwhile there doesn’t seem to be an announcement by Mr. Rossi directly.  Then of course, NASA being a government agency there isn’t any news there either.  Even Sterling Allen who watches the proceedings with great admiration and enthusiasm hasn’t posted anything yet as well.

It seems its Armando de Para to Brian Wang to here for now.

Rossi E-Cat Test Rig. Circa April 2011. Click image for the largest view.

As this is written its early in the morning in Italy.  The site turned up a 51 page posting listing in the general forum when one does a search for “NASA”,  Lots of references to Rossi, but your humble writer hasn’t the time nor determination to run them all through Google Translate.  Most likley there will be lots of detractors and enthusiasts commenting. Yet:

Something might be up.

It can be recalled that there was a brief report that Rossi had atracted the attention of some former government officials.  With a little of their pull getting a NASA review might not be so difficult.  With the intense political orientation in D.C. there is little chance Mr. Rossi and his American collegues will get much of a push unless the test or exam can be “Americanized” or there can be a political angle for the administration to play in the media and press.  The crashing and burning of some highly supported photovoltaic companies by the administration may be a strong motivator to find something – anything to shift attention.

The activity at NASA is reported to be today.  There is but a slight chance that we’ll see any news – the Friday news cycle isn’t very attractive, a holiday is coming up Monday and the Presient speaks next week on jobs or something.  It would be news pushed over a cliff.

Moreover, if the NASA scientists find a net energy output, thoroughness and scientific methods may cause testing to run quite some time.  All the better for Rossi and his E-Cat.

It would not be a great surprise if Mr. Rossi and his collegues have a NASA look see set up.  What might filter out will likely take time, but if it is quick it would be a disaster for Rossi or its such an impressive demo that the news can’t be held up.

The Saga goes on.  Perhaps the U.S. government look will trigger some more investigation of the phemomena with future innovation, improvement and development both miniature and macro.  For now, lets hope it works out to show net energy.


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  1. Matt Musson on September 2, 2011 7:38 AM

    On the face of it, this seems like a big deal. But, if Rossi really is a flim flam artist – this would be right down his alley.

    Rossi could announce a NASA test until the cows come home and never actually perform it. Or, he could set up the test aparatus covered in aluminum foil again and keep anyone from learning or validating anything.

  2. kwhilborn on September 5, 2011 3:33 PM

    The technology looks real. I doubt NASA would verify his findings without a few pokes and prods.

    Monitored input and output from reliable and prolonged demonstration has been witnessed already but it is still scoffed at.

    Rossi has had a few problems with credibility because of his “history”. One problem was he brought gold into Italy from the Swiss without declaring it. This is a very very common offence, and if he managed to get caught pulling off a simple crime like that I doubt he is a mastermind behind a fraud scam.

    Secondly; he cost Italy Lomardi Region 25 million dollars to dispose of hazardous waste materials collected because he said he could turn it into oil. The fact is he could turn it into oil, but the price was too high. This shows that he was a chemist committed to high level environmental friendly endeavours. It does not portray him in my books as a fiendish madman. It is not like he retired to Bermuda from it.

    Now he has continued work his partner started with Piantelli, and managed to make it work.

    Rossi has pledged allegiance to the United States in some ways, and has officially taken up residence in Miami Florida.

    I believe President Obama is one of the smartest presidents there has been with his marks in Harvard to prove it, an I believe he will see the lifesaving applications of this device, as well as the economic advantages. If the government doesn’t make money with electricity and gasoline taxes, they still have the ability to up our income and property taxes to compensate. I am sure we will all come out ahead.

    I hope the NASA tests will provide enough momentum to get this mindbending awesome technology into the forefront of the media.

    I would also wish Mr Rossi to take care and share his technology rapidly as he legally can and retain ownership as there will be many very rich billionaires upset to see the Oil industry collapse.

    This technology will
    -take 600 million gas guzzling cars off the road.
    -Heat/AC your home for a few dollars per year.
    -Make desalination possible in poor areas, and provide food and water for millions.
    -Make smog a thing of the past
    -get rid of nuclear programs in countries that shouldn’t be experimenting with it.
    The list goes on. Piantelli has had similar excess heat when using the same materials, so that is also a verification of sorts.

    Let us hope and pray this technology is true, because it would make the world pretty awesome, pretty fast.

  3. Matt Musson on September 6, 2011 7:31 AM

    “I believe President Obama is one of the smartest presidents there has been with his marks in Harvard to prove it”

    FYI – none of President Obama’s transcripts have ever been released.

  4. Stewart on September 6, 2011 12:54 PM

    Its been a rumors that the DOD and DOE bought the licensing of the technology for North America… This is just a dog a pony show….

    Think of it like this… Look out side and see the 1000s of miles of electric wire and land holdings that is being rented …. What would happen to all these land holding,if his technology comes out?

    A lot of people who get the government check For these poles to be on there property every month Will be unhappy!!

    …I figure the environment is suffering right now.The Oxygen levels of the planet are falling…. This would be our savior.
    Brings out a question . Is Government here to make a profit? or are they here to help the people.. Hmmmmmmm…… I hope this technology becomes an open source to the American public. Lots of new creative jobs would become available.

  5. Craig Binns on September 6, 2011 4:08 PM

    Matt Musson

    “On the face of it, this seems like a big deal. But, if Rossi really is a flim flam artist – this would be right down his alley.”

    How right you are!

  6. kwhilborn on September 7, 2011 1:57 AM

    I mistakenly commented on Obama being a very smart president, as I feel he will see the significance of helping this become public.

    Matt Musson was correct that he never released transcripts, however Harvard Law School has said he graduated “Magna Cum Laude” which is a title reserved for students finishing in the TOP 10%.

    Top 10% beats bushes C grades in my opinion.

    Obama also was the first black president of the “Harvard Law Review”. Only about 10% of the 1000 who apply find room as editors on that paper, and Obama found his way to the top.

    Did we mention he has been teaching constitutional law prior to his presidency in Chicago?

    It is a shame that he inherited a few wars and a nasty debt. For the Record I am a white person and am not speaking up for him out of racial pride.

    I believe the e-cat technology is pretty much out there now. Even if a government or governments tried to hide its development (which I cannot see happening); there is already enough information to the Universities of the world that Hydrogen+Nickel is the ticket. So black market or legal e-cats would soon surface.

    I am sure there are 1000 chemists working in their garage right now trying to replicate Rossi’s work.

    I mentioned earlier that the government does run power companies for profit as well as make some nickels from gas taxes, and they will have to liquidate a lot of assets/personnel/plans when e-cat hits large.

    I also said the government will realize that there are other ways to keep their budgets, and they will need to up income taxes and property taxes to compensate, however they will no longer be required to provide energy for the people. They will not need to build nuclear power plants here and abroad (to limit other countries research into nuclear testing).

    The governments can spend more money on inept police, and hospitals for the rich.

  7. BFast on September 7, 2011 10:07 PM

    Matt Musson “On the face of it, this seems like a big deal. But, if Rossi really is a flim flam artist – this would be right down his alley.

    Rossi could announce a NASA test until the cows come home and never actually perform it.”

    I posted a question about this to Dr. Rossi on his blog. Not only did he not answer my question, but he rejected the question at moderation. If he were a flim flam artist, you would think he’d want to hoot the Nasa horn even if Nasa wasn’t testing his device. After all, even if Nasa denied it, people would conclude that they are denying it for secrecy reasons.

  8. kwhilborn on September 10, 2011 4:50 PM

    Would you respond to a question like that? Hasn’t half the world been saying he is a flim flam artist since January?

    Ease up! If he is legitimate? And I FIRMLY believe he is for real. Then you are just stressing on one of the greatest hero’s of our time. Do you know how many millions of lives this technology can save; nevermind the fact it can reduce the pollution on our planet and turn it green again.

    In the above comment you are saying he is not hooting the NASA horn. So you are saying you asked if he was a flim flam artist but now believe he is legit because he didn’t respond to you?

    Patience. It won’t hurt you to quietly take your money out of oil for now.

    The truth will appear soon enough and Rossi and everyone will have their moments to shine.

    Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons did not become rich off of their claimed cold fusion back in 1989, but had their days of fame.

    Imagine for a second that Andrea Rossi was a flim flam artist? What is the intended outcome? To take investors money and flee? To make himself a target of ridicule for the rest of his life? What?

    Many laws protect investors from being bilked by fraud. We have had snake oil salesmen in our world, and the world knows how to handle them. Nowadays they would leave the courtrooms with the socks they wore in and not much else.

    Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons were not wrong however, and even the US NAVY has said they have had repeatable results using their methods. Many other backyard chemists have also probably had successful cold fusion results as well.

    Let’s not forget that Piantelli also has “Cold Fusion” patents for similar process as Andrea Rossi; although it does appear Andrea Rossi method with the use of the catalysts is more efficient.

    Just be patient.

  9. Craig Binns on October 6, 2011 8:19 AM

    Has anyone read an interesting piece by Steve Krivit?

    Bfast, I’m still trying to get my head round your post. He doesn’t answer your query – edits it out, in fact (been there, by the way!) – and you treat this as evidence he’s NOT a scammer.

    Kwhilborn, the fact that free energy would be nice doesn’t make it true. It would be nice if I won the lottery next week. Does that increase my chances of winning it? And most scams are based on ideas that would be nice – if only they were true. But they’re not.

    A couple of weeks to go. Should be interesting to see what Rossi comes up with in that time.

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