The 4th of July, set as Independence Day, may be history’s top breakout for human beings.  By breakout, independence means breaking free of the yoke of government. History is replete with governments controlling people for the government systems’ own interests.  From kings tyrants and dictators of one person in power to collusions of many using the guise of the common interest in communism or the social group in socialism, individual free will is an unusual and modern condition.

Look at the nations of today – the winning trend is more self-determination for individuals.  Liberty and freedom have value that sees the many willing to sacrifice to cast off the bindings of the government.  Notice that what the current freedom and liberty seekers face is much more ruthless and violent than the British Empire circa 1800.

Individuals still fight on, seen in the Arab world this year.  As the progress mounts everyone gets safer.  Economies improve and interests seek commercial cooperation between nations and populations.

The kick off date July 4, 1776, applies to billions of people, planet wide.

American’s should be proud, and in spite of some resistance to supporting others’ freedom, the nation does do more than any entity in history to secure human rights.  Setting history’s example isn’t quite enough, a bit a war making is required for a better world.

American’s were fooled in the last election into electing a government that chooses its power over the liberty of the people in the guise of “what’s best for all”.   The economic mess driven by regulations pushing abnormal conduct has been answered with more regulation.  It’s nothing more than an attempt to shift responsibility.  It’s become better the government bails industry out than industry answering for its deeds.

Liberty suffers – bankruptcy for individuals is harder, creditors get bailed out.  The yoke is closing tighter.  Without noticing freedom is being replaced with servitude.  Credit companies stockholders and management are getting what seems like a grand deal, for people finding work is harder.

Taxes and regulations become barriers.  Cash is hoarded, investment and capital moves to friendlier places where the freedom, potential and safety seem better.  The top rung of today’s technology in energy, nuclear power, is leaving America for overseas. The gold standard research and safety regulation of the past is now a massive barrier.  The damage is incalculable.

John Stossel writes with another view worthy of the day.

Walter Russell Mead points out American still has a leading role.

So  . . . Celebrate the day.  Just remember to keep the day’s spirit the rest of the year, exercise it on election day, and when someone stumbles or falls help them up and point them back to work again.


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