Not a lot of news to tell, just a brief recap, some fresh links, and pertinent observations.

Bussards IEC Polywell Device.

First off, to no particular surprise, the Freedom of Information Act request from some of the folks at Talk Polywell was denied. The parties of interest, EMC2 and the Department of the Navy have sensible reasons not to be revealing information.  From the EMC2 point of view, they are developing a new technology they quite understandably are not willing to share for competitive reasons.  From the Navy’s point of view what’s at stake for example is a power unit that should massively cut costs for fuels, and when fueled not have fuel tank that is a bomb in waiting in and of itself.  Of course there is the ‘competitive nature of national defense’ to keep in mind as well.  The longer and further that EMC2 gets before the details escape the better – for everyone – taxpayers and citizens included.

Not that I like it very much – curious am I, and it’s a bear the needs feeding once in a while.

Others with the bear and a means (a blog site) to growl include M. Simon who as of this writing put up two blog posts last week.  In part they review the article Alan Boyle posted midweek and include M.’s astute thoughts.  Short reads – both of them, worth the click and the moment spent.  Post #1 *** Post #2.

The there is the Alan Boyle article on the Cosmic Log page. Mr. Boyle has MSNBC pockets for feeding his, and justifiably so – Boyle is a professional journalist.  As you recall there was expectations that Dr. Nebel at AMC2 would open up some with Boyle as that would be a time efficient way to get any information out.  Well, the information isn’t much, but the food for speculation – ah, well.  It’s another worthwhile and quick read. See M. Simon’s post No.#2, too.

OK  What do we know?  EMC2, Dr. Nebel, the Navy and the money are getting to another bigger better test machine.  Thus we know the past year’s work answered questions and raised questions.  No surprise.  Will the next device conclusively show net power production, or Boron as a practical fuel?  No, but the experiments will indicate the directions to go for deeper and more functional understanding.  I somehow am dubious that this next experimental device is a conclusion for all time.  I have no doubt that many more questions are going to come up.

The fact is that the theory is getting proven, the function is becoming understood, and this is all wholly new to everyone.  Even Dr. Bussard would be reveling in the new information.

The Nebel led team, the Navy, and the peer review folks are in the forest examining the trees, trying to figure out how to make them all work together, get the goal and understand all that’s going on in a practical sense from where Dr. Bussard’s theory starts working into real time events. They have no idea what the forest looks like.

The rest of us are looking at the forest with mostly mental energy focused by way of curiosity and hope.  We have no certain idea what the trees look like act like or how the tree inter relating is taking place.

Actually it’s quite a story.  I hope Dr. Nebel is keeping a journal or diary. There’s going to be years of talking about these days in the decades to come.  When the team does go for a commercial demonstration machine, the answer most everyone seeks, “does it work?” will be answered affirmatively. Stay tuned!


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