Last Thursday saw the Senate pass the Cash for Gas Guzzlers bill inside the war funding bill.  It’s a near certainty that President Obama will sign it into law.  So, its time to look and see if the cash will apply to you and whether or not you can get it done in time.  There […]

Algae has a competitor coming for bio oil – diatoms have the potential to compete and may have a list of problems to price parity with petroleum that is different and may be less challenging. The leading reasons behind diatom research are: Geologists claim that much crude oil comes from diatoms. Diatoms do indeed make […]

The Japanese firm Eamex Corp. of Osaka announced Monday June 15th 2009 that the energy density per unit volume of its capacitor currently under development has been enhanced up to 600Wh/L. That’s enough to snap around one’s attention. According to the company the value 600Wh/L is equivalent to the energy density of a lithium-ion secondary […]

Several technologies have been proposed that hope to harnessing wind power from high altitudes.  Two basic approaches have been proposed. The mechanical energy can be transmitted from high altitude to the Earth’s surface, where generators would produce the electricity at the ground or electricity could be generated aloft and transmitted to the surface using the […]

Babcock & Wilcox announced last week that it’s new subsidiary B&W Modular Nuclear Energy, LLC will be offering a new design that’s passively safe, scalable and modular using the old light water reactor method. That might not sound like a big deal, but in the face of the regulatory thresholds to cross, it’s a very […]

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