Today’s the day to vote, so no blog on energy and fuels just a few thoughts on the consequences of what so many will have done to ourselves today.

No matter who wins the presidency, there will be buyer’s remorse. What the president proposes the Congress disposes will come into being at the end of January. We’ve all heard the saying that getting the Senate to do something is like herding cats.

For the Democrat candidate that means the leadership of the House by Pelosi and the Senate by Reid will take a true footing with Obama. Then we’ll see the result of a junior senator facing down tried and true, experienced Washington insiders. Being of the same party will . . . help? Or will it open the door to the extremism of the far left of the Democrat party? Will the “honey moon” be long and filled with lust and activity or be over really quickly?

The Republican candidate would come in with a long history, established relationships, known and understood opponents and list of Congressmen in midstream to reach to for getting mid stream things done. As the campaign has shown the extreme elements are simply not giving ground to McCain and the polls, the lack of 521 organization money and good guy standing of McCain has held back the hardest parts of getting after the opponent.

So today American Optimism rules. I assure you it will not last.

The American Culture maybe in for the surest shock if the Democrat wins. Beautifully delivered words can only get a politician so far, perhaps into office, although William Jennings Bryant missed, Obama might not. But outside of the political role America looks to the President for much more than commander in chief, political business and administration operations. The office holder is a symbol and an example, for some a story and others a target for derision and unwarranted emotions. Other than a terrorist attack and the housing bubble popping at the last minute, in a few months or years we may miss President Bush who has presided as effectively as any president in history with utterly colorless leadership.

McCain brings depth of experience, maturity and respect forward. It is hard to imagine any foreign intrigues to cost American lives or treasure other than the unavoidable battles that crop up among humans. Obama on the other hand is an invitation to intrigues involving Americans and will cost lives and treasure, as Biden and others have made so clear. As the economy of the world contracts, or hopefully only if, then some power actors will resort to war or proxy war to lift their economies or direct the attention of their people from their misery.

The reality to check will be the commander in chief role, the political leadership role, and the chief executive role. A year or so will tell.

There remains the meaning of a president to the people. Without royalty to watch or tyrants to placate, Americans look to the President for something in the first among equals field that is defined by the office holder more than anything.

A war hero, a life of public service and stand up, word kept kind of maverick politician with a really accomplished, complex and intelligent wife and family of good people offers much for the culture.

A great orator, of mixed blood, with a strong community interest and work history with a family like much of America, a melting pot still chunky, and getting better and striving for higher standards offers a lot for stories and learning and concern for years to come.


There is something not being said or seen by many. You may be aware that Bill Cosby and others have stirred the Americans of African decent by pointing out that the conduct in that cultural segment is wanting and needs to find a new and better direction.

What will the results tonight mean to those folks? “One of us” is going to be president might be the acclaim and if so that says something about prospects of the future. It’s not at all warming to think that the Democrat candidate leans to more government with assistance through taxes, programs and regulations. Would more dependency be the result? Is this the right guy to be the first American with some African ancestry to be the example and the prime leader of that part of our culture?

Time will tell.

Lastly – the major media, comedians and pundits are in for a hard time. The romance ends today. There is the race thing still out there, whatever that means, tomorrow. There will be a slow decent into normalcy for this day and age, with the new adaptation of coping with the new President’s racial status. This could be interesting.

On the other hand, McCain might pull off the upset. Then we’re faced with the non-believers, the assertion that the election was stolen and other denials. But the rest of us will get, well, something like the past eight years of news and press coverage – after the amazement wears off.

I’m already getting past the buyer’s remorse.

My, we do live in interesting times.


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  1. Al Fin on November 4, 2008 8:17 AM

    The emotion that drives the Obama campaign has little connection with real world realities. The dream is far and above the main thing. Realistic constraints are not conidered, they “do not signify.”

    So if the Obama policies fail, it is the world that is at fault, not the dream. A scapegoat will be found and staked to the desert floor.

    When people abandon the real world for their collective dream world, do not expect them to exhibit any sense of responsibility or sweat-level efficacy. That is for chumps.

    Brian, you are trying to find an up-side, which is admirable. There is no up-side, however. There will be an important lesson to be learned, but those to whom it is most vital to learn the lesson will not be paying attention.

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