Thanks to an alert reader I was informed about a fusion process that has for at least four years been fusing a wide variety of elements that is being designed to both create energy and destroy materials that are radioactive.  It comes out of the Ukraine, a country that was freed from the Soviet Union almost 17 years ago.  Ukraine was in the Soviet period a deeply technological area and still offers the leading world-class rocket engine and other heavy-duty technology products.

Typical, as we in the west tend to think of east European technology, it is a straight up, brutal and effective way to accomplish fusion and radioactive element destruction.  With the Chernobyl event only a couple of hours away by car from Ukraine’s capital Kiev, the Ukrainians might be the most sensitive nation on earth about atomic and nuclear issues.  A great swath of the nation is deemed uninhabitable; many volunteer emergency workers have died, are ill and will become ill from the Chernobyl disaster.  Added to that, is last year the sweetheart deal with Russia for natural gas supplies was updated to current world prices.  Talk about motivated; these are difficult and serious national issues for Ukraine.

An easy to grasp what the process is about, is to say, the fusing material is injected with a high energy plasma charge that arrives making a shock wave that drives the fusing material together so close that fusion takes place.  The reliable reports have this as being done thousands of times, with fused products tested internationally.

The not so easy way to grasp this is the explanation of the “coherent pulsing driver.”  The device initiates a self-focusing cumulative process of shock compression into the fusing material.  In that brief moment, 10ˉ 8 second, with 1-kilo joule of energy (or more) arriving the incoming energy sets off an explosion from the inside of the fusing material.  The combined inputs of the pulse and the resulting shockwave trigger the internal explosion, which together are enough to fuse the material into an array of newly formed elements and release energy.  Early experiments are said to use an input of 100-200 joules yields 10-50 mega joules.  In the links that follow are a range of photographs and graphs that show the material, usually copper after the blast has transmuted into an array of elements.  In one segment that experiments with a target of radioactive cobalt peaks with a good results at 47.6% reduction in radioactivity.

On to the links.  The site just shines with English language pages featuring top quality translation that makes for easy reading.  Next are two pdf files.  The first is Results of Experiments On Collective Nuclear Reactions in Superdense Substance.  This one gives readers a pretty firm sense of just what has taken place and the basics about what is being done.  The next is The New Fusion an interview of Dr. Stanislav Adamenko with Tim Ventura.  This pdf is a text of a conversation with a thorough edit to add the photos and graphs that fill it out into a very well done piece.  It turned up on American Antigravity of all places, so credit is due, and it is an interesting site, too.

Last is the Springer’s Foundations of Physics Letters site that has this link to the full paper that Dr. Adamenko wrote.  This paper along with others and of note, some papers by authors working in the condensed matter nuclear science field, offer the theory that heavy elements created in stars may well come into being by more than just one process.  Interesting stuff.

Please, I wish everyone to know that is was Dimitry who offered the hint for me to go see about this group in Ukraine and on everyone’s behalf, thanks Dimitry!  Dimitry’s comment also says that Proton-21 will have a physicist giving a seminar at the University of Illinois this February.

I find my self well charged on the fusion front.  With the physics and development looking so good at Dr. Bussard’s project, and Dr. Rostoker’s effort, the fascinating and beautiful fusion kit of Eric Lerner, the condensed matter nuclear science group fusing almost at will, and now the brute force, force it to happen with a bullet kind approach by the Ukrainians, the Coulomb barrier is real danger of mankind getting the power out from behind it.


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  1. M. Simon on December 15, 2007 5:53 PM

    Any one who talks about energy density in terms of watts per hour per cc does not understand what the hell they are talking about.

    The watts per hour thing is a common mistake among the ignorant.

    Energy density would be joules (watts seconds) per cc. Power density would be watts per cc. A watt is a joule per second.

    He is also wrong about the availability of small quantities of radioactive substances. You can buy small amounts on the net.

    My guess is he couldn’t get larger quantities because of the cost of the required safety eqpt not some conspiracy.

    As to tritium lights. Blame irrational fear of radiation by Greens.

  2. M. Simon on December 15, 2007 5:55 PM

    BTW my son is fluent in Russian (graduated with honors from U Chicago) if you need a reliable interpreter with a good science background.

  3. M. Simon on December 15, 2007 5:56 PM

    This is a test:


  4. Mark Hugo on January 14, 2008 3:54 PM

    As the American reviewer who edited the “materials” section of the Proton21 “Controlled Nucleo Synthesis”, I must point out that not only are the results “astounding” but, they hold promise for something very interesting. As the result of the Super Heavy Nuclei/Deep Potential Well matter/antimatter conversion, Proton21 has consistently tallied 30,000 joules of various “energies” output from their “shots”. (They use the term “energies” because it is a tally of Xrays, visible light, plasma pulse, EMF pulse, etc. which adds up to the 30K Joule number.)

    The input is SIMPLY calculated: 500,000 Volts,
    100,000 amps, for 10 nanoseconds. (Leave that as an exercise.)

    With a 60 to 1 gain, there is obviously something to be excited about. (Aside from the concept of a direct matter to energy conversion method, capable of working on “any” matter sample..)

    At the beginning of their work, they were limited to the Marx generators/Water capacitors, for their massive pulses. Now there are several methods which allow creating such pulses in seconds rather than hours. (And doing it with a higher output from generator versus input energy efficiency.)

    Thus the lab is now very busy in the 1904-1906 “Wright Brother’s” stage, going from the previous stage (equivalent to the 1897 to 1903 Wright Brother’s stage.)

    Oh, by the way, I visited the Lab in the summer of 2005. My reward for the help in editing the “Magnum Opus”.

    Fortunately, for Dr. Adamenko and company, they DO have the “Wright Brother’s Attitude”,
    and they DON’T care what the critics say.

    (Although I think now they are getting the “benign neglect” treatment, as being critical, with the 750 page, “Controlled Nucleosynthesis”, could be dangerous to one’s long term academic health..)

  5. Cheap Fusion Energy Lost To the Atmosphere | New Energy and Fuel on January 21, 2008 1:59 PM

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