Kazimierz Holubowicz is a physicist skilled in quantum electrodynamics that was paralyzed by a stroke years ago. Now disabled and retired Mr. Holubowicz was challenged by his son to occupy his time with problems that would offer some solutions to the planet’s problems.

In the course of eight years of thought, design and patent applications this Canadian shows that engine efficiency is a problem that offers huge potential to increase internal combustion efficiency that can dramatically reduce the rate of fuel (oil) consumption in engines.

In the pdf file (prepared for Mr. Holubowicz’s talk at the Hydrogen Ambassadors International Competition) that is a discussion of Mr. Holubowicz thoughts is a key to understanding the physics involved in an internal combustion engine as it is today and what it can be when innovative thinking is applied with a physics view as opposed to a mechanical view. He offers “Combustion engines convert potential chemical energy in fuels into mechanical energy,” a position none of us would take to task, and goes on to say “but in fact it transforms all the energy into the environment as heat.” which is a statement that also defies anyone taking him to task. The hard fact is that the burning of the fuel becomes heat that expands the air and fuel that was mixed and ignited which forces the piston or the blades or other mechanical device to move giving us the work.

Now I’m paying attention. He’s on to something. The crux of the matter becomes an ignition event that yields more mechanical work from the pressure and less loss of the heat that created the pressure. So the design of an engine would necessarily require a more innovative means to convert the pressure into mechanical work and to manage the fuel burn to yield more pressure than heat. That was easy enough. But the reciprocation piston engines of today are just not mechanically designed with the physics optimized. The effort has been to control the air, the fuel and the burning to remarkable results. It’s not likely to get much further as electronics and mechanics are rather finite in the ability to alter or manage the chemical oxidation reaction. 100% and nearly free of noxious emissions combustion technology is down to the small fraction of 1% of possible improvements. Congratulations to all the engineers who got it this far, but.

The next opportunity needs to be the physical conversion of that combustion and Mr. Holubowicz has a patent on a mechanical set that works. Here is the link again to the pdf as there is nothing to be gained by my attempt to dissemble into more simple terms other than a couple of points. The pdf will use a term “harmonic oscillator’ that is in effect a piston above and (air) cushioned from the piston connected to the crankshaft. As the discussion progresses it becomes evident the mechanics are an elegant and thoughtful solution to converting a fuel burn into mechanical energy. And yet, there is a treasure trove of engineering skill opportunities here to maximize the principle Mr. Holubowicz has designed. After all, this design yields multiple power strokes per fuel ignition. The principles within the design are rich turf for engineers looking for high goals with big payoff solutions.

So what’s the problem? Where are the companies that make engines? First up is and always will be the “not invented here” mental illness. On the other hand the Otto cycle gasoline and compression ignition Rudolf Diesel designs are not invented here anyway. Then it’s hard to let go of the wins from controlling and managing the fuel ignition successes we have today, even as these lessons will advance the new Holubowicz design principles rapidly. Then its been reported that Mr. Holubowicz has been approached by concerns who wish to license/buy the entirety of the design as opposed taking out a license, while understandable, this is greed beyond any accusation leveled on any other segment of the energy industry. The approach also is a sulk, stick head in sand and make one’s ass a target path of behavior.

What to do? Someday a director of a major engine producer will catch on and the word will go out, “we better not be anything other than first!” Meanwhile the blame targets of today are going to be validly saying the responsibility isn’t theirs alone. It is finger-pointing time, like it or not. There’s a large reservoir of inaction just waiting to see the light of day.


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  1. Ben Tour on November 23, 2007 9:05 AM

    The 20 century commenced a new era of combustion engine that made us masters of converting useful forms of energy into useless.

    Excellent notion – Bravo

  2. The Weekend Link List on December 7, 2007 11:22 AM

    […] people are much more forthcoming and obviously have more resources and deeper pockets than Kazimierz Holubowicz, who we looked at on November 19th. The Sanderson design does seem to offer a claim of doubling the efficiency of internal combustion […]

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