Dmitry Orlov, bless ‘em, has a talk he made last winter archived at  As a man with an extensive history in dealing with Russians I can easily see that Mr. Orlov is trying in his way to warm our hearts and awaken our minds while not disturbing our souls.

But I’m an American and I see the comic value, blandished, funny and enjoyable right in my face.  Even as Mr. Orlov is trying not to, the topics he uses are just too critical for housing, food and transport to over look!  That and he has the nerve to make comparisons with the old Soviet Union!  Horrors!  All the Russians I know are thrilled that the old Soviet system is gone, while many truly miss the life of pretending to work while the system pretends to pay.

So a click on the link is to a set of slides and Mr. Orlov’s commentary on the similarities of the deconstruction of the Soviet Empire and the parallel collapse of the American Empire.

Be forewarned, though, even as the article isn’t meant to irritate, the comedy doesn’t last long, and it surely will make you think.  America or the U.S. to be exact has a pile of problems that simply won’t get resolved by politicians beholden to all the special interest groups of the Washington D.C. area.  That means I agree with Mr. Orlov in principle but see a very different set of drivers working to destroy the U.S.  The part that alarms me is that the struggle for special advantage has essentially blinded the mass press into following the dumbest and least useful stories possible.  Ah, why am I complaining? This just opens the door thousands of others and me to look into the issues.  But the hundreds of millions don’t watch thousands of bloggers who do the lifting of sifting the news and putting some concrete under opinion so carefully.

My appeal then is to click over to Dmitry Orlov’s and get a stimulant. As election season will get underway with vehemence later this winter it would be worthwhile to offer the link to others.  It’s an engaging and interesting read.  There is a large body of concepts and perspectives that richly deserve some thought by all who wish to secure their futures and the futures of those they love.

As richly as my heart was lifted I am left with the thinking.  It’s not at all something I care to overlook.  I just wish there were some quality people running for office and that it would be possible for them to win.  Dmitry, thank you, you’ve helped my soul be at peace.




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