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October 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

A must read. In order to say, “I get it” this link(s) is required reading. Here Paul Chefurka has invested a great deal of effort to provide a highly readable, thought provoking and fact backed look into the future as fuel and energy will play a huge role in what may become “Peak Humanity.” I strongly recommend a read and a look through the comments. It will require some thought, but as you get through it you will come to see that “I get it” is a very powerful and worthwhile achievement for you and your family. See both the oil drum link with the comments and Paul’s own site that offers more thoughts on other serious depletion issues.



I received a certain amount of blowback from the Algae Answers the Call post on Wednesday Oct 16th. On the other hand as I share some of the bah humbug I don’t hold it as a permanent gospel. Although I sort of freeze up at mega joules per square meter approaching 2 per day I’m not saying its impossible. But skeptical I remain. On the other hand there are is a lot of smart money getting into this and the bio technology firms that we have heard of and respect are in it in a big way (See Thursday’s post “Salvation for Corn Farmers and Taxpayers”). We’re going to hear a lot more on this in the coming months and years. I have my fingers crossed.

Here Eureka Alert reports on the Department of Energy’s own results, which may already be trailing the private research labs:


Serious money, serious company, one of International Energy’s directors Harmel Rayat gets some small quotes in an article that seems to be chasing a rumor of an investment or venture of some type. International Energy is a rather large provider of energy hardware and that this quote or slip or whatever gets out in Oil and Gas Online is rather provocative to say the least. Just what’s up will come out some day.



National Public Radio touched on algae for part of their hour last Friday. One of the guests was Evan Ratliff who wrote the piece for Wired Magazine “One Molecule Could Cure Our Addition to Oil.” Even The National Geographic Society has a story that finally gets to algae on page 6.




One can fairly expect lots more on the way.

Accenture dropped a small bomb on Americans pointing out just how far they are behind in awareness of global climate and energy issues. That’s nothing new. But if you’ve read Paul’s work listed first today first you might be afraid for your kids. Very afraid. The people in the less developed world get it much more than we do. Which means they will be better prepared to take it away from Americans and their kids. See:


If you’re not spooked enough yet try this. The Energy Bulletin ran a post written by David DuByne stating that the Chinese government is preparing to shift from being an export-driven economy to becoming a regional trade powerhouse as the coming energy crunch aka “peak oil” and will roll back globalization and trade.

What this will mean for Walmart and other western investors in China, is only one of the most scary conclusions of the article:

The Great 100 Year Plan: The Chinese Government must be seeing parallels between the astonishing growth of its economy and the creation of Hong Kong. You build it, we keep it. You have set up our economy with your generous investments, built factories for us, given us your technology and knowhow to produce goods, and tutored us on oil refining and coal technologies plus solar and wind-power generation. You can go now. Thanks for coming, but we will keep the factories.”


To say you “get it” you’ll need to know that extra planetary solar collection and fusion are the only long term answers to the energy, national and personal security concerns that are rushing at us.

Lastly lets freak the global warming crowd! And unnerve the rest of us. The sun has decided to calm down which will certainly cool us off, but by how much and will the calming last? See:



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