Grow Your Own! It’s a bit of a shock to realize what grim life styles would come when oil for fuel to grow food for 6 billion people becomes cost prohibitive. This article doesn’t really address the alternatives that will over time to displace the oil use; rather it just dives in to describe what the non-alternative supported consequences would be. Such a Motivator! Well worth the read unless you like digging to grow your own food at the risk of starving to death.

Science Daily posted a news release about research looking at the full energy investment vs. the payout. Christopher and Yanni Koroneos at the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering, Aristotle University, Thessalonika, Greece did the research.

Science Daily has pulled the net result out from behind the “pay out your nose” for the paper. Thus it seems solar, wind and geothermal yield the best payouts. See:

Energy Tech Stocks has started a series about we might meet the energy challenges coming over the next decades. It’s pretty good although brief and bite size and truly arguable, as its a financier’s point of view. Arguable for sure! The Webmaster hasn’t seen to put links on the posts to the previous or later posts (really annoying) so I have listed what I could find quickly here:

One of my favorite and most highly regarded writers is Ronald Bailey whose work appears almost regularly at Here Ron looks at the antics in Congress and makes an enjoyable read out of an infuriating problem – politicians. The article link is followed by the biograph and archived articles link. Enjoy, Ron Bailey is special even if I can’t agree with him all the time.


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