To start, lets get the digital quantum battery misnomer out of the way.  What’s being discussed here and other places isn’t about battery building; it’s about a theoretical construction of a nano-sized capacitor.  It’s interesting as the storage medium isn’t like a conventional capacitor with the material between the anode and cathode holding the energy.  […]

EEStor, the now famed ultracapacitor maker of the future is one step closer to having a product coming to market.  Last week saw information escape that EEStor has contracted with Polarity of Rancho Cordova, California to design and specify the construction details of the ultracapacitor’s power converter.  A power converter would ideally provide a combined […]

Of considerable interest is a new cutting-edge battery that may revolutionize the field. It is thinner than a millimeter, lighter than a gram, and can be produced cost-effectively through a printing process.  A printable battery could be produced cost-effectively on a large scale.  Its being developed by a research team led by Prof. Dr. Reinhard […]

The Japanese firm Eamex Corp. of Osaka announced Monday June 15th 2009 that the energy density per unit volume of its capacitor currently under development has been enhanced up to 600Wh/L. That’s enough to snap around one’s attention. According to the company the value 600Wh/L is equivalent to the energy density of a lithium-ion secondary […]

The mystery guy at follows the EEStor trail with considerable determination and more than a dab of good sense. Last week saw Zenn, the Canadian mini car manufacturer, who is in for an investment in EEStor, plus more when certain milestones are met had an announcement of sorts out that sent their stock off […]

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