Scientists from the University of Valencia (UV) in Spain have identified a new family of materials with promising applications in solid-state cooling. The team has published their discovery in the Nanoletters journal. The study establishes the relationship between external mechanical tension and ionic transport in ion conductors using molecular dynamics (a computer simulation method for […]

A Louisiana State University (LSU) research physicist team has discovered a breakthrough magnetocaloric material that cools. The press release believes food refrigeration and air conditioning may become more efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to the patent-pending work of physicists. Lead researcher LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler said, “The world refrigeration market is expected to increase […]

Purdue University assistant professor of chemical engineering Yue Wu leads a team developing a technique that uses nanotechnology to harvest energy from hot pipes or engine components.  The team has coated glass fibers with a new thermoelectric material they developed. When thermoelectric materials are heated on one side electrons flow to the cooler side, generating […]