Iowa State University (ISU) engineers Song-Charng Kong, left, and Nicholas Creager are studying and refining a new bio-oil gasifier where heat and pressure vaporize bio-oil to produce a combination of (mostly) hydrogen and carbon monoxide that’s called synthesis gas. The new gasifier is a second step in a two-stage pyrolysis process. The ISU team starts […]

A research team led by Laura Jarboe, an Iowa State University (ISU) assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, is feeding pyrolysis made pyrolytic sugars of bio-oil to microbes for fermentation. A fast heating pyrolysis rapidly heats such biomass such as corn stalks and sawdust that’s fed to the microbes E. coli and C. reinhardtii.  […]

JBI of Thorold, Ontario Canada has entered into an agreement with Rock-Tenn Company to convert Rock-Tenn’s mill by-product waste into petroleum products using JBI’s Plastic2Oil™ technology. JBI’s Plastic2Oil™  can use unwashed, mixed waste plastics.  JBI developed and scaled up the original processor, then enhanced and commercialized a process that converts difficult to recycle waste plastics […]

There was a temptation to headline with the word ‘natural’ as Dr. Woo Lee, the George Meade Bond Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the Stevens Institute of Technology and his senior design team of Rachel Kenion, Liana Vaccari, and Katie Van Strander has designed biochar electrodes for supercapacitors. Today supercapacitors are used […]

A team of German and Chinese scientists led by Johannes A. Lercher at the Technical University of Munich, Department of Chemistry has developed a new catalytic process for processing the liquid step of the components of bio-oil directly into petroleum type products and methanol. The paper in the journal Angewandte Chemie, the process is described […]

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