While lots of folks don’t watch or read Wired Magazine, lots of young people do.  Wired runs to the younger set, which is getting older, and more of a voice as the last election made clear. Once riled up, the count and solidity of the demographic is impressive. Richard Martin of Wired wrote ‘Uranium Is […]

Burn that Nuclear Waste

November 2, 2009 | 4 Comments

The more energy pulled out of uranium fuels the less radioactive waste remains at the end.  That fact has been on the minds of many in science and business for decades. Nuclear experts say the proposed Advanced Recycling Center (ARC) could help to solve the biggest radioactive waste concerns as the world atomic power industry […]

Last week saw Helion Energy enter the public domain with some proved up technology. The project looks like a spin-off from prior work by John Slough at the University of Washington. Some think in the forums about the field that there is potential here. Helion’s technology in the greatly simplified form is about fusion from […]

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) has a new concept that uses lasers to trigger a fusion that feeds neutrons out to drive a fission reaction. The idea has been known since 1951 when Andrei Sakharov, Hans Bethe and other scientists explored using high-energy neutrons from fusion reactions to transmute, or burn, fissile material. Its not […]

Here really bright people get noticed. Especially those that demonstrate they have some sense, you know like common sense. Dr. James Sweeney at Stanford comes to mind. Now we’ll add Professor Richard A. Muller at UC Berkeley. I haven’t met him as I have Sweeney, but Kerry Dolan wrote about Professor Muller in Forbes Magazine […]

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