Dr. Stephen Liddle in the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham leads a team that seems to be first to create a stable version of a uranium ‘trophy molecule’, a compound that has eluded scientists for decades. The research paper has been published in the journal Science.  The Nottingham chemistry team has shown […]

Nuclear energy production as practiced since the cold war days leaves a lot of nasty, radioactive products behind.  In the U.S. where regulatory leadership seeks to dismember the industry, discontinued efforts to recover and reuse worthwhile fuel, and has closed down the multi decade effort for a safe repository while no perceptible or credible effort […]

New studies from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) conclude that small modular reactors may hold the key to the future of U.S. nuclear power generation. The reports assess the economic feasibility of classical, gigawatt-scale reactors and the possible new generation of modular reactors. The smaller modular reactors as considered would […]

Gotta love Rod Adams and his Atomic Insights Blog. He has a knack for turning up the most worthwhile matters in the fission field of nuclear energy as it functions today.  Over the past weeks Rod has had a look at the Zion Nuclear Power Station. There in lies a story. It seems the Zion […]