Open Image…Save ImageOpen Image (using #TmpD/ia)… Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers have developed a metal nitride catalyst containing an active metal (Ni) on a lanthanum nitride support that is stable in presence of moisture. The goal is to cut the energy requirements of the Haber-Bosch process, which converts nitrogen and hydrogen to ammonia. Plus, since the catalyst doesn’t contain ruthenium, […]

Kumamoto University researchers have succeeded in developing a new catalyst that burns NH3 at a low temperature and produces N2. The results are expected to offer a carbon free fuel and increased renewable energy use. Ammonia (NH3) has attracted attention in recent years as a carbon-free fuel that does not emit carbon dioxide. For use […]

A couple of barriers sit in the way of the ammonia NH3 folks looking for lower costs and a chance at the fuel business. The N part or nitrogen is great stuff, it makes up about 80% of the atmosphere and its highly non-reactive and stabile tendency is a very good thing.  If oxygen and […]

Ammonia For Fuel Update

October 18, 2011 | 6 Comments

The 8th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference held back in September has some interesting results worth a look and some thought.  So far, Brian Wang at NextBigFuture has a write up with long quotes and some good links to set up a post.  The prize though is “Nuclear Ammonia – A Sustainable Nuclear Renaissance’s ‘Killer Ap’” […]

The NH3 or ammonia for fuel effort has no central point to focus one’s attention, but constant watching has turned up an interesting effort centered in Lubbock Texas at the Whitacre College of Engineering at Texas Tech. September saw the school tour Dr. Keith Kozlowski of the Air Force Research Lab at Tyndall Air Force […]

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