Chalmers University of Technology researchers have developed an environmentally friendly method for recycling and purifying metals. Using gold earrings from a pawnshop in Gothenburg and biodiesel from the nearest filling station, the discovery could change an industry that is currently dependent on large amounts of fossil oil. The scientific article ‘Sustainable solvent extraction of gold […]

Brookhaven National Laboratory experiments and computational modeling studies definitively identify the ‘active site’ of a catalyst commonly used for making methanol from CO2. The results will guide the design of improved catalysts for transforming CO2 back into useful chemicals. Scientists are intensely interested in the catalysts that facilitate this type of chemical conversion. Like molecular […]

Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum researchers have boosted the efficiency of water electrolysis. They applied a layer of copper atoms to a conventional platinum electrode. Thus, reaction intermediates could desorb a bit more easily from the catalyst surface. The modified system generated twice the amount of hydrogen than a platinum electrode without a copper layer. The team from the […]

Global demand for copper is growing rapidly with some of the better studies estimating the world’s demand for copper could exceed supply in as little as six years.  For those looking for electrification of transport and distributed generation this is a major warning sign of what could be ahead. Copper supplies are an issue that […]