Gevo, Inc. has announced the start up of the first bio butanol demonstration plant.  The new facility is designed from retrofitting an existing demonstration scale ethanol plant to produce the bio butanol. In successfully producing bio butanol at the one million gallon per year rate at a pilot plant in St. Joseph, Missouri, Gevo is […]

Shang-Tian Yang, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio State University announced last week at the American Chemical Society meeting that he has engineered a mutant bacterium that doubles his butanol process output. Readers will recall that butanol is a near direct replacement for gasoline with nearly the same energy density and burning […]

Many visits and email come looking for bio butanol information and in fact those efforts are justified. Butanol could be a one for one substitute for gasoline and could even be an extender or additive for diesel fuel. It’s a better panacea, if you’ll pardon term than ethanol, as it’s just a better fuel for […]

Common familiarity with alcohols begins with methanol or wood alcohol you’ll find in the windshield washing fluid, ethanol in beverages and now as a fuel additive and extender, propanol in rubbing alcohol and the less common butanol. Those are respectively 1 through 4 carbon (Cx) atom alcohols, liquid and flammable energy carriers that can be […]

Last week saw Cobalt Biofuels raise $25 million in a ‘C’ round of financing. Cobalt is developing a process for producing biobutanol. This is major news as butanol is a heavy alcohol at four carbon atoms and much more difficult to make than lighter products like one carbon atom methanol or two carbon atom ethanol. […]

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