At Stanford University researchers have developed a “rechargeable battery” that uses freshwater and seawater to create electricity. Aided by nanotechnology, the battery employs the difference in salinity between fresh and saltwater to generate a current. A power station might be built wherever a river flows into the ocean. Yi Cui, Associate Professor of Materials Science […]

MITs Technology Review has ran a piece on Free Flow Power of Gloucester Massachusetts.  Free Flow’s idea is to set tens of thousands of water flow turbines anchored to the bottom of the Mississippi River that someday could provide more than a gigawatt of renewable energy, enough to power a quarter of a million homes […]

Researchers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) have developed a small-scale hydroelectric power plant that solves a number of problems.  The construction is so simple, and thereby cost-efficient, that the power generation system is capable of operating profitably in connection with even modest dam heights.  The system is concealed in a shaft, minimizing the impact on […]

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