With no great surprise researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology found that substantial amounts of the greenhouse gas methane (natural gas) releases not only from large tropical reservoirs but also from run-of-the-river reservoirs in cool high mountainous Switzerland.  Its been known that warm reservoirs with a supply of organic matter […]

A research team at the University of Washington and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has made important progress in converting methane gas to methanol. The process would make natural gas more useful as a liquid fuel and as a source for making other chemicals. The team uses methane, the primary component of […]

Bruce E. Logan, Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering at Penn State University and his team discovered a process that dramatically improves methane, the main part of natural gas production from microbes by adding a slight electrical current. The paper published this week in Environmental Science and Technology discussed an optimal result of capturing the current […]

Like me, most everyone will pop electrical generation in mind when thinking about solar cells. But what if there were other products, would they garner attention? If the production could be stored with technology on hand for a very, very long time would that get some attention? The idea that solar cells would make something […]

With natural gas production growing, landfills getting “drilled” for methane and the sure to come list of new research on making methane from organics the question coming up for fuel cells, motorcycles, cars and just huge storage and transport for methane is going to come rushing at us and soon. Today methane is simply compressed […]

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