Purdue University researchers have discovered a previously unobserved functionality in a super thin material where millions of new memory cells could be part of a computer chip and save power for computing devices. As the modern economy progresses the more objects we make “smart,” from watches to entire buildings, the greater the need for these […]

Carnegie Mellon University researchers have used nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy to probe the hydrogen bonds that modulate the chemical reactivity of enzymes, catalysts and biomimetic complexes. The technique could lead to the development of better catalysts for use in a wide range of fields. The team’s research findings were published as a “Very Important Paper” […]

Fluoride-based batteries have the potential to last up to eight times longer than today’s lithium ion technology. In a new study appearing in the journal Science, chemists at several institutions, including Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is managed by Caltech for NASA, as well as the Honda Research Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National […]

The USGS announced last week a very large oil reservoir in Texas and New Mexico. Located in the Permian basin the Mass Media picked it up and it is good news. For quick background the USGS has been evaluating oil reservoirs for decades and has a pretty good reputation lacking political bias and scientific extremism. […]

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