For years researchers have been looking for a way to convert carbon dioxide into methanol in a single step using energy-efficient processes.  At the Université Laval researchers have developed a highly effective method for converting CO2 into methanol.  If the method can scale up commercially the amount of methanol fuel produced could be essentially unlimited. […]

Taking inspiration from trees, scientists have developed a sliver of wood coated with tin that shows promise for becoming a tiny, long-lasting, efficient and environmentally friendly battery. The report on the device, some 1,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper, has been published in the journal Nano Letters. A team at the University of […]

Scientists from Jülich and Berlin have developed a material for converting hydrogen and oxygen to water in a fuel cell using one tenth of the typical amount of platinum that has been previously required.  The fuel cell is pretty much stuck looking for economically viable, efficient and robust units to make commercial scale mass-market units. […]

Hydraulic fracking has been studied with a published paper showing the energy return on investment (aka EROI) with a total input energy compared with the energy in natural gas expected to be made available to end users is similar to or better than coal. The news for the natural gas industry, consumers and landowners lucky […]

Chinese scientists have already succeeded in recovering a sensational 15% of the residual oil in their test reservoir when they formed a collaboration with the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (CIPR) in Bergen, Norway researchers to find out what had actually taken place down in the reservoir. Oil in reservoirs is confined in tiny pores […]

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