Most folks don’t realize the depth of the economic problem that fuels cells pose for mass adoption.  Often there are price quotes running in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That’s because the catalysts of choice are the noble metals platinum or palladium.  These are very rare metals, more so than gold and […]

A research team at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) report in Science the first photovoltaic solar cell that produces a photocurrent that has an external quantum efficiency greater than 100% when photoexcited with photons from the high energy region of the solar spectrum. For comparison external quantum efficiency for photocurrent is usually expressed as […]

Make no mistake here; SRI International has the brainpower and skill set to come up with workable and commercial ideas that have scale in mind from the start.  Robert Wilson, Ph.D., director, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory, SRI International said in the press release, “The implications of this research are expansive, including enhancing US energy […]

Professor Aadrian van Heiningen and Tom Granström with a team of scientists at Aalto University in Finland and associated with the University of Maine in the U.S. have developed a process to make fuel grade butanol and other industrial chemicals from wood biomass. Butanol is particularly suitable as a transport fuel because it is not […]

At MIT or Massively Innovative Teams, in lieu of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a major new innovation in mounting photovoltaic solar panels should revolutionize the industry.  It’s based on a simple and when thought through – obvious observation. On a clear bright day you’ll notice the shadows are a dark area with little light.  But […]

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