In Washington, a coalition called FuelChoiceNow has opened for business.  With gasoline and diesel priced near $4.00US and a record year in progress for the average fuel costs, fuel costs are giving the world’s largest transport fuel market a serious case of personal and business budget realignment and a national economic recession. FuelChoiceNow believes the […]

An electric double layer energy storage device manufacturing line by Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Japan has started up.  The electric double layer energy device has an equivalent series resistance as low as several tens of milliohms. The devices will come in two models. One is 1.5mm thick and has an instantaneous maximum allowable voltage […]

Entropic energy offers a tremendous resource available from the salinity difference between freshwater and seawater, but this energy has yet to be efficiently captured and stored. Penn State’s Bruce E. Logan, Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering has demonstrated that di-hydrogen gas can be produced in a single process by capturing the salinity driven energy together […]

The First Synthetic Yeast

September 20, 2011 | 2 Comments

Fermentation has relied on natural yeasts for centuries – now researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine have equipped yeast cells with semi-synthetic chromosomes. It is the first such achievement in eukaryotic, or complex-celled, organisms, and marks a step towards large-scale genome engineering in these cells with synthetic biology. The full paper is now […]

Researchers from the University of Toronto (U of T), the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) and Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) are reporting a the most efficient quantum dot assembly technique of solar cells in the latest issue of Nature Materials.  In the paper entitled “Collodial-quantum-dot photovoltaics using atomic-ligand passivation,” the researchers […]

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