News that Google recently bought flying wind turbine manufacturer Makani, whose planes fly between 800 and 1,950 feet, has surged a bit more energy into the airborne wind turbine research effort. The turbine could be ‘flown’ at perhaps as high as 2000 meters in the air, taking advantage of stronger winds and cutting infrastructure costs […]

One’s first impression is – it won’t work.  But some innovative and enterprising folks have driven the wind through a funnel idea to what seems to be a successful field trial. Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture site spotted the small firm’s press release and ran a post.  That in itself is an acknowledgment the technology is interesting. […]

The U.S. taxpayers are in better than $16 billion dollars now and just got hooked for another $12.1 billion more.  That’s $161,333 per for 75,000 jobs.  Admittedly, compared to some government subsidy deals this looks cheap. (Roll Eyes) Subsidizing wind energy surely should be at the end of the subsidy era.   The era is 20 […]

The ideas to harness wind energy from a kite, or other highflying tethered wind energy collector are pretty numerous and most are simply economically unsustainable even though beautiful, sprit lifting, and fun to watch.  Kites are a blast.  Can they make power? The founders of Berlin-based wind energy developer NTS GmbH are sending stunt kites […]

The state of Maine is cracking the market open for self-storing of renewable energy with a collaboration between a wind company and a thermal energy storage company.  According to a Maine Public Broadcasting Network report the collaborative Highland Wind project proposed by local wind developer Independence Wind will offer any participating Maine household a $6,000 […]

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