The world uses about half of the electrical power generated for electric motors. For most anyone in the field its known there are great differences in efficiency and power for the money. What doesn’t come to mind much is the weight and dimensions. For transport, weight and dimensions do matter a great deal. That made […]

Atraveda is providing the material for Glamorgan University’s research and development facility to test a “bi-polar” lead acid battery design. The news of the collaboration to produce the world’s first commercially viable bi-polar lead-acid battery was announced at the opening of the UK’s first Advanced Bi-polar Battery Development research facility. The UK is certainly in […]

It’s weight, then air resistance, and generally overall efficiency in everything else. While oil spirals downward for the next stage in pricing we might be thinking to get lax and relieved, but it won’t last. Months maybe or a year or so and we’ll be spiraling up again. In the meantime getting set to invest […]