Professor Jeffrey Allen of Michigan Technological University is nearing development of a mathematical model of the interior functions of a reliable hydrogen fuel cell.  The new model should slash the research and development time and effort.  The model keys on the fuel cells main problem, handling the water produced while in operation. What sends the […]

University of Illinois at Champaign’s Praveen Kumar has some non-enthusiast news, “While we are looking for solutions for energy through bioenergy crops, dependence on water gets ignored, and water can be a significant limiting factor.” Kumar, the Lovell Professor of civil and environmental engineering at UI Champaign said, “There are many countries around the world […]

Miscanthus has for the temperate American Midwest likely the largest yield potential for biomass of the contending crops.  The plant does pose the lignin and cellulose problems, but confidence is high those plant products will get solutions for fuel production. Its in the field, where the production happens getting sunlight and soil nutrients into biomass […]

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