A research team led by Yat Li, associate professor of chemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) has developed the solar-microbial device that uses only sunlight and wastewater to produce hydrogen gas.  The results could provide a sustainable energy source while improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment.  Maybe the sewer bills could go […]

Stanford University engineers have devised a new way to generate electricity from sewage using naturally occurring “wired microbes” as mini power plants.  The exoelectrogenic microbes produce electricity as they digest plant and animal waste. The laboratory prototype is about the size of a D-cell battery and looks like a chemistry experiment, with two electrodes, one […]

Wastewater, more commonly thought of as sewage or gray water is estimated to use 3% of the electrical energy consumed in the United States and other developed countries. Engineers at Oregon State University have made a breakthrough in the performance of microbial fuel cells that can produce electricity directly from wastewater.  There have been other […]

Elizabeth S. Heidrich at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom is leading a team that gives new meaning to the adage, “waste not, want not.”  These scientists are reporting via an American Chemical Society online podcast that household sewage has far more potential as an alternative energy source than previously thought. The podcast is based […]