The week before last saw the Basques offer they have a fuel cell that can be fueled by methanol. With in a day I had received multiple notices that MIT in Massachusetts and Sharp of Japan were also in the hunt for methanol fuel cells. There is a lot of valuable “why” in those efforts. […]

One blogger I admire is Robert Rapier who writes the R-Squared Blog who posted on Monday about the solar base of electricity needed to displace the equivalent of today’s gasoline use. It is an interesting concept that is rife with problems of equivalency. The U.S. is reported to be going through 389 million gallons of […]

Last Tuesday Ford Motors of the U.S. and the U.K. company Tanfield Group’s division Smith Electric announced the coming sales of the Ford chassis “Transit Connect” with a full electric drive train equipped with Smith’s newest version of iron phosphate lithium ion batteries. At double the capacity and 35% lighter than lead acid, the batteries […]

Opposite to the drives to get more energy and fuel to market and pull down prices the effort to make more efficient vehicles is well underway. This week saw the Volkswagen announcement of a parallel diesel design and the Chevy Volt is an exemplary PR effort to get anticipation built for the series hybrid design. […]