A team of researchers at Boston College and Duke University have developed a highly engineered metamaterial capable of absorbing all of the light that strikes, to the point of a scientific standard of perfection. The metamaterial uses geometric surface features to capture the electric and magnetic properties of light in the shorter spectrum share of […]

The price of oil has about doubled in less than a year. Coal has jumped up a similar percentage, too. The specialty press, the Internet writers, mainstream media, investors, producers and customers are by some perspective or another agog at the whole thing. Things are different now and will get a lot more different. The […]

Because for nearly 200 years its been a nemesis for careers, a frustration and tasty bait because it can harness heat and change it into electricity. The impact now of a working, efficient and low cost device would be a huge advantage to making energy and fuels do far more work per unit. Some materials […]

A review of the players in thermal based solar shows some surprising numbers and valuable innovation. The base design of a mirror focused on a black tube filled with an oil base working fluid, while old is still coming on strong. Two prototypes have started up and ten, yes ten, are in or past the […]

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