Northwestern University scientists have demonstrated a high-performing thermoelectric material in a practical form that can be used in device development. The material – purified tin selenide in polycrystalline form – outperforms the single-crystal form in converting heat to electricity, making it the most efficient thermoelectric system on record. A key application target of thermoelectric devices […]

Nagoya Institute of Technology researchers have attempted to uncover the role that nickel (Ni) defects have in the crystal structure of these alloys and how their desirable thermoelectric properties are a consequence of small changes in strain around defective sites. Half-Heusler Ni-based alloys are thermoelectric materials with the potential for converting waste heat into electricity. […]

A University of Michigan (UM) team led by Professor Jinsang Kim and Associate Professor Kevin Pipe developed a new polymer plastic that disperses heat better than other polymers. The UM research team has made a plastic blend that does so 10 times better than its conventional counterparts. While plastics are inexpensive, lightweight and flexible they […]

In an astonishing discovery Xinwei Wang, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University found spider silk to be a top quality carrier of heat. Wang said, “This is very surprising because spider silk is organic material. For organic material, this is the highest ever. There are only a few materials higher – […]

The MSRP is $2749.00 Canadian.  One panel per 1000 square feet, more north than Maine’s northern tip.  The basic collector is made using recycled soda pop cans. Amazing.  This thermal panel works astonishingly well.  Note – don’t test the thermal conductivity of an aluminum can with a heat source that can burn skin – the […]

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