Purdue University’s Yulia Puskhar, a biophysicist and professor of physics in Purdue’s College of Science, may have a way to harness photosynthetic energy by mimicking plants. Plants can make energy directly from the sun. That process of turning sunlight directly into usable energy – called photosynthesis – may soon be a feat humans are able […]

Researchers are combining semiconducting nanowires and bacteria and can now produce liquid fuel. The Kavli Foundation has sponsored a roundtable discussion with three leading scientists that is a very useful read that’s available for everyone to read through. Organic plant based photosynthesis uses solar power to drive the ability of plants to transform sunlight, carbon […]

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have developed a biohybrid photo conversion system – based on the interaction of photosynthetic plant proteins with synthetic polymers – that can convert visible light into hydrogen fuel.  This is another part of the first step to making solar panels for directly producing fuel. The research team’s work seeks to […]

MIT scientists led by the prolific Angela Belcher have developed a system that mimics the oxidation of oxygen of the photosynthetic process in plants by engineering M13, a simple and harmless virus, to help splitting water into its two atomic components freeing hydrogen and oxygen powered by sunlight. The MIT team hopes this is the […]