A team of researchers at the Joint BioEnergy Institute, University of California, Berkeley, and Technical University of Denmark set out to identify the enzymes that catalyze the production of galactan.  Their new study published in the journal The Plant Cell reveals a novel enzyme involved in the production of galactans. The enzyme may be used […]

Hardwood tree specialists know something that the fuel tree innovators are about to catch on to.  Tension wood that forms naturally in hardwood trees in response to bending stress is known to possess unique features that render it desirable as a bioenergy feedstock. So taking the hint, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s BioEnergy […]

Iowa State University’s Robert C. Brown thinks his new fast pyrolysis of lignocelluslosic biomass has the potential to be the cheapest way to produce biofuels or biorenewable chemicals.  The competition is on – a post on sugar was up just two days ago on a private venture firm backed technology. Brown keeps a small vial […]

LS9, with a fresh $30 million in hand is planning to ready LS9’s lead products for commercial production and support additional development and growth programs. Raising money in 2010 was tough, but all of LS9’s big investors returned for a fourth financing round plus the huge BlackRock in New York joined in.  A year ago […]

On the Sugar Hunt

December 1, 2010 | 1 Comment

So far the best use of CO2 whether as a fuel use byproduct or already in the atmosphere is get it back to a simple sugar.  From there the sugar’s carbon and hydrogen content can be used to make fuels and other products.  Coming up with useable sugars is the devil in foundation of alternative […]

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