Scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL) in Switzerland have developed a cost-effective new method for converting and storing solar energy by making free hydrogen fuel. The team thinks their liquid-liquid method can be scaled up on a commercial level. The study paper has been published in Nature Communications. Storing solar energy as hydrogen […]

HyperSolar, Inc. has announced that its artificial photosynthesis technology is now capable of producing 1.0 volt open circuit voltage for use in direct solar hydrogen production. This achievement represents a dramatic voltage increase over the previous 0.2 volt just 8 months ago, and 0.75 volt just 3 months ago.  The firm’s goal is a breakthrough […]

The MSRP is $2749.00 Canadian.  One panel per 1000 square feet, more north than Maine’s northern tip.  The basic collector is made using recycled soda pop cans. Amazing.  This thermal panel works astonishingly well.  Note – don’t test the thermal conductivity of an aluminum can with a heat source that can burn skin – the […]