Scientists at USC think they have the material made of nanocrystals that could be painted on surfaces for making a solar cell. If the team gets to commercial market, the projection is a pathway to cheap, stable solar cells made with a liquid ink that can be painted or printed onto clear surfaces. Richard L. […]

Chemistry Professor Xiaoyang Zhu at The University of Texas at Austin has a method of photon harvesting significantly increasing the efficiency of conventional solar cells.  The professor’s work improves the mechanisms of solar energy conversion. Zhu and his team have discovered that it’s possible to double the number of electrons harvested from one photon of […]

The American Chemical Society press release headline runs, “Debut of the first practical “artificial leaf””, which is a little more than some extra on what has happened.  The prolific and wide ranging skills of Dr. Daniel Nocera have come up with an “artificial leaf” of sorts.   By that they mean Dr. Nocera has built a […]

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