Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Laboratory scientists have found a way to engineer the atomic-scale chemical properties of a water-splitting catalyst for integration with a solar cell. The result is a big boost to the stability and efficiency of artificial photosynthesis. Led by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the project […]

Ohio State University researchers announced the world’s first solar air battery last fall and now are reporting reaching a new milestone. They’re reporting their patent-pending design that combines a solar cell and a battery into a single device now achieves a 20 percent energy savings over traditional lithium-iodine batteries. The details of the research have […]

Quantum dot photovoltaics are not market ready just yet, but efficiency and production costs are quite attractive.  A new technique developed by University of Toronto Engineering Professor Ted Sargent and his research group could lead to significantly more efficient solar cells. Sargent’s group has devised a new technique to improve efficiency in colloidal quantum dot […]

Scientists from the University of Warwick Department of Chemistry in collaboration with spin-out company Molecular Solar have demonstrated a solar cell with an open circuit voltage of over 7 volts.  That’s enough voltage to power and recharge a standard lithium ion battery running at about 4.2 volts. The significance is the new solar technology means […]

A new solar technology developed at RTI International (Research Triangle Institute) could make solar energy more affordable. RTI researchers have developed a new solar technology that could make solar energy more affordable by as much as 75% and thus speed-up its market adoption. RTI’s solar cells are formed from solutions of semiconductor particles, known as […]

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