Addiction Economics

February 2, 2009 | 8 Comments

It’s not “voodoo economics” anymore. The U.S. Congress with an army of special interests bent on getting their losses covered by anyone other than their own capital have already cleaned the whole economy out of $700 billion and are busily setting up for spending hundreds of billions more if not more than another trillion dollars. […]

Fuel From Thin Air

October 27, 2008 | 10 Comments

Headlines like that really set off skeptical responses. But nature is doing it and has been at it for at least hundreds of millions of years. Cleaving off the O2 from water made animal life possible. It exists so it’s only a matter of time until science comes up with ways to do it too. […]

The post’s title may not lead directly to new energy and fuel, but markets and the prices they set, the value of money we use to trade and accumulate wealth are tools that can only work properly freed of fear. There are two types of fear, learned fears and instinctual fear. They are both rooted […]

Last week saw a stream of disgusting, alarming, encouraging and worrisome headlines about activities that have nothing to do with getting supplies up, demand, down, alternatives working or helping out the economy in any significant way in the political arena. We know who the enemy is – and it’s politics. The short list: Al Gore […]

Tomorrow will see the stockholders at the Exxon Mobil shareholder’s meeting act on a measure that might become a step to bringing Exxon Mobil a step closer to becoming involved in alternative energy. The shareholders are working to separate the chairman and chief executive officer jobs from two positions filled by one executive as the […]