Affiliate professor Dr. George Miley at the University of Illinois, a respected cold fusion researcher, was one of the participants in an American Chemical Society conference symposium on cold fusion. Dr. Miley suggested there that Andrea Rossi may be on the right track with his E-Cat LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) device because of similarities […]

Brian Wang at notes that Armando de Para posted on  “Rossi ha accettato di effettuare delle prove presso i laboratori NASA, cominciano dopodomani, il 3 settembre”.  Which translates in English to, “Rossi has agreed to carry out tests at the laboratories of NASA, beginning tomorrow, September 3.”  Mr Wang credits Giuliano Bettini at […]

A steady stream of email arrives asking for an update on Cold Fusion or more appropriately LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).  Lets start by noticing the relative silence from the academic community who has had a light dose of re-ignited enthusiasm on cold fusion work like a tide across the Internet.  One can easily see […]

Brillouin Energy Corp In Berkeley California has another Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) method in the development and proving stage. The new method comes at fusion from a different path than the Rossi E-Cat.  The reports have the Brillouin at nearly 2 times the energy coming out from that going in. If this is real […]

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