Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves are London based designers who’ve spent 4 years developing the GravityLight as an off-line project. The pair works for, which has over 20 years of experience in designing and developing hand held computing and communication products for a host of pioneers including Psion, Toshiba, NEC, TomTom, Inmarsat, ICO, Sepura, […]

A project of three research groups at nanoGUNE at Donostia in San Sebastian, Spain, reports an innovative method to focus infrared light with tapered transmission lines to nanometer-size dimensions.  The key in that announcement is the method of transporting infrared energy by wire.  If the physics expressed in the paper work out to larger applications […]

It’s out there, or so they say in the cosmic physics community.  There is a mysterious “dark energy” believed to constitute nearly three-fourths of the mass and energy of the Universe out there.  That’s a lot of power. Dark energy is the label scientists have given to what is causing the Universe to expand at […]

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