Theorists at Caltech used quantum mechanics to predict what happens at atomic scales, while experimentalists at the Berkeley Lab used X-ray studies to analyze the steps in a chemical reaction returning CO2 to a fuel. The research was started when a carbon dioxide experiment didn’t match with what theorists predicted, so the researchers went back […]

On the Sugar Hunt

December 1, 2010 | 1 Comment

So far the best use of CO2 whether as a fuel use byproduct or already in the atmosphere is get it back to a simple sugar.  From there the sugar’s carbon and hydrogen content can be used to make fuels and other products.  Coming up with useable sugars is the devil in foundation of alternative […]

University of Cincinnati researchers in Ohio are reporting the development of a catalytic hydroboration system for the “highly efficient” reduction of CO2 with a borane and then hydrolysis of the resulting methoxyboryl species to produce methanol (CH3OH) with a good yield.  In short form – the researchers have a system to take CO2 gas and […]

The Wall Street Journal picked up the Ceres press release last week about the company’s field results with hybrid switchgrass blowing most any number about the land area needed for cellulosic based biofuel production out the window.  No big surprise.  Hybridization has had at least a six fold impact on corn, perhaps a 3 to […]

Christopher Voigt at the University of California is genetically ‘hacking’ into the brewers yeast of ethanol fame to modify the yeast so its output isn’t ethanol but a methyl halide. The methyl halide switches over to a bio gasoline with a simple catalytic reaction. This is not a simple problem. Voigt is targeting to use […]

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