The concept of a hydrino, a hydrogen atom with a reduced orbiting electron is something that Randell Mills at Blacklight Power has managed to engineer such that researchers and customers are beginning to quietly line up especially now that Rowan University has confirmed that the device yields energy output. Cal Tech’s Bernard Haisch and Colorado […]

Ali Vanderveld, a post-doctoral cosmologist at the Jet Propulsion Lab and her colleagues recently published a paper in the journal Physical Review looking at how giant holes in our “Swiss-cheese-like” universe might make space look as if it’s accelerating when it’s really not. Whew, I have been waiting for something to make more sense than […]

All across the Internet this past Thursday and Friday was the announcement that Blacklight of the soon to be very famous Dr. Randell L. Mills signed its first paying customer. Based in a press release, the news sounds great to start. But the details such as payments, installation dates and other sundry items are well, […]

Power From Ball Lightning?

September 16, 2008 | 9 Comments

One of the most mysterious phenomena is ball lightning. If some scientist’s theories are correct it could be powering large-scale reactors and could go a long way to solving the world’s energy needs. The latest is the joint study group led by Gerd Fussmann at the Max Planck Institute and Berlin’s Humboldt University who has […]