Today the U.S. President’s State Department issued its decision denying the Keystone XL Pipeline application. Your shocked, humbled and deeply embarrassed writer apologizes to the whole of Canada, in particular those who have risked and worked, invested and managed the development of their resources and willingness to work with us to benefit from them. The […]

It’s Labor Day, a holiday set up for the working folks in the economy.  It’s also a hallmark for the labor unions from which much of the past century’s good and bad can be sourced. This writer can count among family and friends those who have benefited from love of country, and those who have […]

Any amount, no matter how little of watching, reading or listening to popular or mass media, politicians and pundits would have regular folks wondering when we’re ever going to start on alternative energy and fuel sources.  This in the face of more ethanol than the 10% already in the system forming an oversupply problem compared […]