Wind power got a boost midweek with the U.S. Department of Energy report that condensed to the bare headlines is suggesting that the U.S. is ready to get to 20% of electrical power generation from wind in 2030 or just 21 years out. It’s kind of a landmark to get such notice. A Federal Energy […]

Hymotion, a division of A123Systems has announced the availability of a high capacity battery called the L5 Conversion Module for the Toyota Prius that will ship to customers in July of 2008. At $10,395 delivered and installed, it’s a lot of money, equal to 2772 gallons of $3.75 gasoline. With only three years of warranty […]

Last Tuesday Ford Motors of the U.S. and the U.K. company Tanfield Group’s division Smith Electric announced the coming sales of the Ford chassis “Transit Connect” with a full electric drive train equipped with Smith’s newest version of iron phosphate lithium ion batteries. At double the capacity and 35% lighter than lead acid, the batteries […]

Opposite to the drives to get more energy and fuel to market and pull down prices the effort to make more efficient vehicles is well underway. This week saw the Volkswagen announcement of a parallel diesel design and the Chevy Volt is an exemplary PR effort to get anticipation built for the series hybrid design. […]

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