Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI) founded in late 2012 with Dr. David LeBlanc’s patent-pending Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technology has oil sands production company partners and a plan for oil sand taxes to pay for the MSR development.  The U.S. investment in nuclear power using technologies that doesn’t produce an abundance of dangerous waste has escaped. […]

GreenCentre Canada, a green chemistry incubator located at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario has spun out a new company, called Switchable Solutions.  Switchable Solutions is trying to commercialize a new type of industrial solvent invented by the University’s researchers. This is not your usual chemistry solvent.  Ready?  The new chemical mixes with oil in one […]

An absolute nemesis for both the environmentalist and the oil producer is oil in sand.  Whether its oil soaking into the beach or billions of barrels in sand reservoirs, getting oil out of sand is a very big idea.  Now Penn State researchers seem to have a new and very workable solution. A new, more […]

The leftists must be furious; Hillary Clinton has issued the Presidential Permit on August 20, 2009 that Enbridge needs to ship Canadian oil sand’s upgraded crude into the U.S.  With a war under way over public perceptions packed with dis and misinformation swirling about, this news must stick in the shouting throats.  This writer is […]